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Pool Cues

Pool Cues

Discuss anything related to pool cues. Get pool cue valuation, get help identifying a pool cue, or get advice on how to repair a pool cue.

If you are looking for a good un-biased review of pool cue brands, check out this comparison of major pool cue brands done by our friend Keith Chu.

Pool Cue Identification

Pool Cue Value

Show off Your Pool Cue

BMC Cues

Maximum Cues

Medici Cues

Choosing a Pool Cue

Meucci Cues

Bob Harris Custom Cues

Pool Cue Maintenance

Articles, tips, and instructions on pool cue maintenance.

Pool Cues Forum Topics

There is lots to think about when buying a pool cue. Here is a guide.

Intro to Pool Cues

The following is a beginner guide to pool cues meant to give you a feel for pool cue options and to inform you about the variety of pool cues out there.

Pool Cue Size

Most pool cues are either 57" or 58" and that is usually enough for an adult. Come to think about it - you will have an enormous problem locating a stock cue which is longer. There are extensions available for snooker cue, and most monster 12' table come with a very long stick but normally you should be fine with regular size. If you are picking up a cue for a child or someone smaller then average adult, it is a good idea to go to your local pool store and try out some shorter cues before you complete your purchase. Shorter cue