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Identifying Old Huebler Cue Model

Identifying Old Huebler Cue Model

I am looking for more information on this Huebler pool cue.

Can you help me identify the model and place a value on the pool cue?

I know that this is a 1979 Huebler cue.

Please let me know what you think.




Identifying Old Huebler Cue Model

Replies & Comments

  1. pspanbilliardsforum on 9/5/2023 7:02:31 AM

    This is a great older Huebler cue! The pill-style bumper indicates it's from the era you mentioned (making it an "earlier" Huebler model).

    From a Huebler cue collector:

    Paul [Huebler] used black bumpers in the early days. First they were small pill bumpers, then he started using a larger size.

    Does it have any letters/numbers opposite to the Huebler logo? Some of the older 1970s series cues had those, and they indicate the model (and from that, the series).

    Though I don't have the older catalog showing that older bumper style, this model was carried forward to the Huebler H-3 cue from the Huebler Hitters series.


  2. pspanpspan on 9/8/2023 3:05:01 PM

    Thank you very much for getting bnack with me. There are numbers on the other side which kind of looks like this:


    What does that tell you about the pool cue?

    I am not looking to sell it, but I am curious to find out more about this.

  3. pspanbilliardsforum on 9/29/2023 6:49:14 AM

    That is the cue's model number.

    Can I see a photo of that?

    Is it possible it is "RH2" and not a "PH2" like this one:

    If that's the case, it's a Huebler RH-2 cue from the Huebler Renaissance series.



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Identifying Old Huebler Cue Model

  • Title: Identifying Old Huebler Cue Model
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  • Published: 6/7/2023 3:54:01 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/5/2023 6:08:21 AM
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