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Billiard Movies

Welcome to the Billiard Forum's Listing of Billiard Movies; A growing collection of cue-sport movies focused on snooker, billiards, and other table games.

Billiards Movies

Billiards Forum has created a listing of billiard movies for your enjoyment. We started with an overview of the upcoming film "9-Ball" with Jennifer Barretta, and will add more throughout the upcoming weeks.

List of Billiards Movies

Pool Movies

Billiard Movies

If you have any other billiard movies to suggest for our list, please tell us using the form below.

  • Title: Billiard Movies
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 7/4/2006 2:19:44 PM

Billiard Movies Comments

  1. redsoxrusredsoxrus from MA, United States on 12/27/2008 11:06:37 AM

    The Color of Money is another really good pool movie.

  2. Orkun BerkOrkun Berk from Istanbul, Marmara on 4/5/2009 4:21:32 AM

    The Hustler (1961), starring Paul Newman as Fast Eddie Felson, is the best billiard movie ever made. The Color of Money (1986) is the sequel of The Hustler (directed by Martin Scorsese, and for his role in this movie, Paul Newman won an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role.)

  3. ColeCole from Croatia on 5/6/2009 3:08:38 PM

    Back in late 1980s I watched some b-movie about billiards on VHS. It was called "Deadly Billard" or something like that but can't remember the exact name.

    The plot is about a billard player in a post-apocalyptic world who plays pool for money. By the way, the game is played with small black box positioned in the middle of the pool table, and if you knock it with a ball they cut one of yours fingers off. The main character plays "the game of live" with some local mob, and he can win lot of money but he must knock down that black box to win.

    I really loved that movie because of the atmosphere, and I am still looking for its name. Any thoughts?

  4. MatMat from Toronto, ON on 6/28/2009 5:06:46 PM

    @Cole - I found this page searching for the best movies for billiards, and I think I know the one you are talking about.

    I think the movie you're talking about is Hard Knuckle?


    In a post-apocalyptic wilderness world of drugs, lawlessness and corrupt poolhalls, a maverick pool-player (Bisby) challenges the reigning champion at the "knuckle table" where losers sacrifice their fingers.

  5. TerjeTerje from Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag on 1/15/2010 7:55:29 AM

    Another pool movie is Kiss Shot (1989) with Whoopi Goldberg (links to amazon.com).

  6. Adam QuintonAdam Quinton from Lexington, KY on 8/25/2010 9:06:47 AM

    I am looking for a name of a cue sports movie.

    The movie is about a younger guy that begins playing in a pool hall trying to become one of the local "sharks". He makes his way through the ranks and finally challenges the owner of the club, and when he does, he switches what hand he is playing with.

    It was a great pool movie but I cant think of the name.

  7. Behind the NineBehind the Nine from AR, United States on 12/27/2010 11:20:51 AM

    @Adam Quinton - The movie you are thinking of is called Shooting Gallery (amazon.com). It has Freddy Prinze Jr. and Ving Rhames in it.

  8. Chuck DChuck D from Los Angeles, CA on 2/8/2011 10:53:32 PM

    Here is my list of pool movies and movies about billiards, etc. These are some of my favorites (links go to amazon.com).

    1. The Hustler (1961)

      Credits: Directed and co-written by Robert Rossen. Based on a novel by Walter Tevis. Features Paul Newman (as the young, arrogant, self destructive and talented pool player Eddie Felson) and Jackie Gleason (as the legendary and unbeatable pool player Minnesota Fats).

      In one line: The rise and fall story of a pool hustler known as Fast Eddie and his crucial match against a well known pool champion.

      Pool Game: Straight pool (aka 14.1 continuous)

      Trivial Facts: Pool champion and billiards hall of fame inductee Willie Mosconi was the technical advisor of the film. He also makes two appearances in the movie: one as himself (on a poster) and the other as a bettor named Willie. All the pool trick shots were performed by Newman and Gleason except one masse shot that was performed by Mosconi.

      Watch the trailer for the movie The Hustler:

    2. The Color of Money (1986)

      Credits: Directed by Martin Scorsese, written by Richard Price. Again, based on a novel by Walter Tevis and features Paul Newman as Eddie Folson. Tom Cruise plays the role of a mirror view of Fast Eddie in the Hustler, i.e., a young, cocky and ambitious pool player.

      In one line: After 25 years out of the game, Fast Eddie returns to the pool hustling scene through a protégé by the name of Vincent Lauria.

      Pool Game: 9-ball pool

      Trivial Facts: Pool players Mike Sigel and Ewa Mataya Laurance were the technical advisors of the film. Laurance had also played a small part in the movie and Sigel was responsible for performing one trick shot instead of Tom Cruise. The notable pool player Steve Mizerak aka The Miz played the role of one of Eddie's pool game opponents.

    3. Poolhall Junkies (2003)

      Credits: Directed and co-written by Mars Callahan who had also played the leading part of Jimmy Doyle. Also features Chazz Palminteri, Rod Steiger, Alison Eastwood and Christopher Walken.

      In one line: A rehabilitated poolhall junkie returns to the action to save his younger brother and to get back at his former manager whose responsible for his failure to establish a professional pool playing career.

      Pool Game: 9-ball pool

      Trivial Facts: Most pool trick shots were not performed by the movie actors although Mars Callahan is an actual pool player. However, Christopher Walken did make one of the most difficult shots seen in the movie; moreover, he did it in one take.

      Watch the final scene from Poolhall Junkies:

    4. The Baron and the Kid (1984)

      Credits: Directed by Gary Nelson and features Johnny Cash as the Baron, a former pool hustler, Greg Webb as the Cajun Kid and June Carter Cash as The Baron ex-wife and the Kid mother. Based on and inspired by Cash song The Baron.

      In one line: The baron, a former pool hustler, reunites with the child he never knew he had, who is making his first steps in the world of pool hustling, through an Odyssey of pool tournaments

      Pool Game: 9-ball pool

      Trivial Facts: Following the success of "The Gambler" a TV film based on Kenny Rogers hit of the same title, "The Baron and the Kid" was produced. "The Gambler" was recorded by Johnny Cash as well.

    5. Stickmen (2001)

      Credits: Directed by Hamish Rothwell and featured Robbie Magasiva, Scott Wills, Wayne Paolo Rotondo, Thomas Anne Nordhaus.

      In one line: Three recreational pool players, each one of them is facing a personal crisis, find themselves in a middle of a high stake pool tournament.

      Pool Game: 8-ball pool

      Trivial Facts: Stickmen is one of the most successful New Zealand movies of the recent years.

    And if you are truly fanatic about pool, you might as well check out these movies:

    1. The Baltimore Bullet (1980) - A comedy that follows two sloppy pool hustlers (starring James Coburn and Omar Sharif) who are heading to a high stake pool match.
    2. Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire (1985) - A musical/horror movie centered around a fatal snooker game taken between a young snooker player aka Billy the Kid and a 6 times world champion aka Green Baize Vampire.
    3. Legend of the Dragon (1990) - A comedy about a naive Kung Fu trainee who leaves his rural home to try and make a big fortune as a snooker player in Hong Kong.
    4. Up Against the 8 Ball (2004) - Two African American girls attempting to earn their college tuition by pool hustling in Las Vegas.
    5. Shooting Gallery aka Pool House Prophets (2005) - A skilled pool player finds himself playing against a group of ruthless pool hustlers and one crooked cop.
    6. Kisses and Caroms (2006) - The consequences of a menage a trios featuring an owner of a billiards supply stores, a seller and a pool tables installer.
    7. 9Ball - The Movie - A cheesy movie starring Jennifer Barretta
  9. MattMatt from WV, United States on 4/3/2011 10:04:48 PM

    @Adam Quinton - The billiard movie you are thinking of where he switches hands is Shooting Gallery.

  10. VanVan from Concord, CA on 10/17/2011 3:23:24 PM

    @Adam Quinton - You are thinking of the movie Shooting Gallery, also known as Pool House Prophets

  11. Bob WrightBob Wright from Knoxville, TN on 1/19/2012 7:16:48 PM

    I was also looking for the name of the Freddie Prinze Jr. billiard movie and the name eluded me. Glad I found it here. I was able to find Shooting Gallery online and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  12. d9ball_ryderd9ball_ryder from Crestview, FL on 2/3/2013 9:21:06 PM

    You're all talking about The Shooting Gallery starring Freddie Prinze Jr, Roselyn Sanchez, and Ving Rhames. I agree, it was a great pool movie.

  13. shadyjshadyj from Columbia, MO on 2/22/2013 8:30:18 PM

    Here is a pretty solid list of pool and billiards movies. There are quite a few on here I have not seen yet (all links to go amazon.com)

    Foriegn Billiard Movies

    • En Este Pueblo No Hay Ladrones ("In This Town There Are No Thieves") (1964 – Mexican)
    • Hagiga Ba'Snuker ("Party at the Snooker") (1975 – Israeli)
    • Io, Chiara e lo Scuro ("Me, Chiara and the Dark") (1983 – Italian) aka The Pool Hustlers
    • Il Tocco: La Sfida ("The Touch: The Challenge") (1997 - Spanish)
    • Klassik (1998 – Russian)
    • Carombola (2007 – Spanish available with English subtitles)
    • Pakners (“Partners”) (2003) with Efren Reyes, Candy Pangilinan

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