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9 Ball Rules Forum

Nine ball is popular among bar-room patrons. The one through nine balls are used in a diamond shaped rack. The balls are racked in order, with the nine ball centered. The five ball is commonly used as a "money" ball in addition to the nine. When this is the case, the five ball is placed at the back tip of the rack.

The object of nine ball is to attempt to pocket all balls in numerical order. As long as the lowest number ball is contacted first, any other balls that fall are counted as pocketed shots. The nine, and, when used as a money ball, the five, are re-spotted after they are pocketed. If the five is pocketed in order after the four, it is not spotted. Gamblers will usually assign a premium to the five, and a higher premium to the nine.

Obviously, you would prefer to play this game on a pool table with access to pocketed balls. It is often played on coin operated pool tables, though, by replacing money balls with the 10-15 balls as they are pocketed. Just make sure that you remember which one is the five ball and which is the nine ball!

9 Ball Rules Forum

The game of Nine Ball has many local variations in the rules. You might be required to hit a cushion with the cue ball after each shot. Or, a pocket might be designated as a double money pocket, where the wager, whether money, a beer, or matchsticks, is doubled if the object ball is pocketed there.

A curious example of a local variation of 9-ball is "Pea Ridge 9 Ball Rules," named for a local community in Arkansas. In this variation, any ball may be struck and pocketed. If it's not the lowest on the table, it is spotted. The player is then allowed to keep shooting. Money shots, however, must be made after first striking the lowest ball.

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9 Ball Rules Forum

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