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Playing "the ghost" in 9-ball

Playing "the ghost" in 9-ball

Are there any specific rules for playing "Ghost" at 9-ball? Do you just make up your own based on your speed? For example - do u automatically lose when scratching on the break? Can u play combos on the 9 ball at any time?

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Playing "the ghost" in 9-ball

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  1. Billy Nortonquickshot on 12/12/2008 7:12:54 AM

    If you scratch on the break it is lost of turn and your opponent gets the cue ball with ball in hand behind the head spot. If the one ball is also behind the head spot it gets spotted where the rack was.

    As far as the ghost ball goes it is a mental though that you would use to approximate the point of contact on an object ball. It is invisible to anyone but the shooter's mind. (And does not always work).

    You can play a combo using the nine ball as long as you hit one of the object balls first. Namely the one in the rotation.

    Disclaimer: I do not play a lot of nine ball.

  2. Billy NortonThe Duke on 1/7/2009 9:25:12 PM

    Playing the "Ghost" means you are not playing an actual opponent. Basically you can set your own rules such as giving yourself a spot, maybe the 7 or 8 ball. If you are gambling obviously it would have to be agreed upon.

    Sometimes, in playing the ghost it is customary to allow yourself one or two fouls, then give yourself ball in hand. Maybe through the 4 or 5 ball though. Again, no set rule on this.

    By the way a scratch or any foul gives the opponent BIH anywhere on the table in 9-ball.

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Playing "the ghost" in 9-ball

  • Title: Playing "the ghost" in 9-ball
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  • Published: 12/12/2008 2:32:40 AM