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Notable Hollywood Movies About Billiards

When it comes to the magic of movies, billiards has often found itself having a starring role up on the silver screen. The cue sport that we all love here at Billiards Forum also seems to be equally adored by Hollywood, because there’s been a massive amount of movies that are themed around billiards and pool. The first ever time that it was witnessed in a Hollywood film is thought to be in the 1915 silent short, Pool Sharks, which was actually the writing and acting debut of legendary comic W.C. Fields.

Notable Hollywood Movies About Billiards

There's been some top flicks about billiards
There's been some top flicks about billiards.

Since then, there have been a wide variety of movie makers who have looked towards the world of sharp-shooters and precision potting as the perfect subject for their visual narratives. These can make for great viewing for us billiards fans, as it’s fantastic fun watching the sport be recreated in movie form throughout the years. We thought we’d choose some of the most notable movies that Hollywood has produced about billiards or pool then, and if you somehow have managed not to see them, make sure to check them out as soon as possible.

The Hustler

This is the movie that has inspired so many millions to get into the sport, as there’s never been someone that looked more cool with a cue in their hand than Paul Newman. The Hustler hit screens back in 1961, and was not only a winner with both audiences and critics, but also at award shows. Directed by Robert Rossen, the story centers on ‘Fast Eddie’ Felson, played by Newman, as he tries to become a big-name pool hustler, and to capture the large amounts of money that change hands every game.

Six decades on, the film is now recognized as being one of the greatest sports movies of all-time, and is a definite must-watch. It also managed to shine a light onto several real life professional pool players, including the esteemed Willie Mosconi, who was the technical advisor on the flick. Mosconi had racked up several world tournament wins, but was practically unheard of by the general public. All’s well that ends well though, as thanks to his association with this blockbuster, he managed to become a household name.

The Color of Money

Paul Newman returns as ‘Fast Eddie’ Felson in this 80’s classic. A sequel to The Hustler, 1986’s The Color of Money had Martin Scorsese in the director’s chair, and the veteran auteur definitely put some of his own remarkable spin on the billiards genre. Set more than twenty-five years on from the original, Felson is now longer in the tooth, and the glory from his younger days seems a long-time ago.

Now looking to impart his knowledge of the pool hustling game onto someone worthy, he can’t help but notice the exceptional talents of Vincent Lauria, who is charismatic, confident and highly skilled with a cue. Oh yeah, and he’s also brilliantly played by a young Tom Cruise. Cruise brings a vibrant energy to the film, but it’s the masterful Newman who again steals the show. In fact, his performance as the wizened ‘Fast Eddie’ Felson was so powerful, that it finally won Newman the Best Actor Oscar trophy, which he pocketed at the 59th Academy Awards.

Pool halls make for a fantastic movie setting
Pool halls make for a fantastic movie setting.

Poolhall Junkies

This last entry might not be as well-known as the previous two, but it’s still a worthy inclusion on this list. Poolhall Junkies was released in 2002, and despite receiving little fanfare, it’s now firmly become a cult favorite. The movie is the brainchild of Mars Callahan, who co-wrote, directed and even starred as its main character. In reality, Callahan is a keen billiards player, and he actually met the other co-writer of the film, Chris Corso, when out in the local pool halls.

Poolhall Junkies again has the familiar themes of pool hustling, dingy dives and big wagers. That’s because gambling and billiards have been linked throughout history, with the game being the ideal platform for patrons to have a bet. It’s even inspired other types of gambling, including several virtual online slots, such as Cool Pool and Pool Shark, which are available at Vegas Slots Online. Over on their website they have thousands of top slots that can be played for real money, as well as a bunch of useful information that can improve visitors’ chances of winning. Plus, there’s a raft of bonus offers available, all with fair play-through terms and conditions.

Notable Hollywood Movies About Billiards

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Notable Hollywood Movies About Billiards

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