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Identify Katana Pool Cue with Pi Symbol

Identify Katana Pool Cue with Pi Symbol

I have the following pool cue with the Pi symbol. I think it is a Katana cue. It has a stainless steel butt cap.

It also has a Katana #8 shaft with a number 8 by the Katana logo.

Can you help me identify the Katana cue model number?


Identify Katana Pool Cue with Pi Symbol

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  1. user1518016762billiardsforum on 2/15/2018 6:03:44 AM

    You have a Katana Hanzo KBN02 pool cue.


    The MSRP is $379 but you can buy it online at places like Billiard Warehouse for $322.15.

    This Katana KBN02 Hanzo cue is beautifully crafted and made to perfection. As with the Katana line of pool cues, this KBN02 features Katana's 8 spliced low deflection shaft for maximum accuracy using English as well as a 12.75mm medium Samsara True tip for superior cue ball contact. With a Uni-Loc piloted stainless steel pin, this cue is perfect for anyone wanting to up their game play to the next level. With a beautiful Chestnut stained Maple, the cream and black points on the forarm come alive. Dashed rings sandwich the black Irish linen wrap where black, cream and Chestnut stained Maple ovals wrap around the butt sleeve of this cue.

    • Tip: 12.75mm Medium Samsara True Tip
    • Ferrule: XTC
    • Shaft: 29" 8 piece low deflection Katana 8 Shaft
    • Collar: Stainless steel collar with a black composite ring
    • Joint: Piloted stainless steel Uni-Loc pin
    • Forearm: Honey stained Maple with black and cream points and diamonds
    • Wrap: Black Irish linen
    • Sleeve: Honey stained Maple with cream and black ovals
    • Plate: Stainless steel with etched Katana logo
    • Bumper: Black Katana bumper

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Identify Katana Pool Cue with Pi Symbol

  • Title: Identify Katana Pool Cue with Pi Symbol
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  • Published: 2/7/2018 3:19:22 PM
  • Last Updated: 2/15/2018 5:57:13 AM
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