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Identify 2 Meucci Cue Models

Identify 2 Meucci Cue Models

Can someone help me identify these two Meucci cues? Any help would be appreciated in determining the Meucci model numbers.


Identify 2 Meucci Cue Models

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  1. user1513787881billiardsforum on 12/20/2017 6:09:59 PM

    Top one is a Meucci M-5 pool cue from early 1990s.


    Bottom one is a Meucci 21-3 pool cue.

  2. user1513787881user1513787881 on 12/20/2017 10:14:34 PM

    Thanks for the help. That's what I came up with as well. Do you happen to know the value of the M-5? I can't find any prices as of yet.

  3. user1513787881billiardsforum on 12/21/2017 5:21:17 AM

    Yours looks to be in good shape. Should fetch a couple hundred dollars easy. Perhaps between $350 and $500. Bottom line is that it's a simple 2-point cue that is nothing special. The Meucci M-6 is often seen selling within this price range, and is generally a similar cue in terms of design complexity. An M-7 recently sold on eBay for under $300 so that should give you an idea.

    However, there aren't a ton of these out there for sale so it's hard to judge the price. If there are folks actually looking for one of these to complete a set or something, you might be able to fetch more.

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Identify 2 Meucci Cue Models

  • Title: Identify 2 Meucci Cue Models
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  • Published: 12/20/2017 11:38:03 AM
  • Last Updated: 12/20/2017 5:47:26 PM
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