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Is this a McDermott Cue?

Is this a McDermott Cue?

Found this at an auction. It looks like a McDermott cue to me.

What kind of cue do you think we have here, guys?


Also trying to ID two others I got at the same auction:

Is this a McDermott Cue?

Replies & Comments

  1. optimusprimeribbilliardsforum on 4/13/2019 12:31:16 PM

    This is such a basic design it will likely be impossible to pinpoint.

    Are there any logos or other marks on this one? Typically a McDermott cue would have something, either on the butt cap or the top of the forearm.

    Better photos of this one might help also.

  2. optimusprimeriboptimusprimerib on 4/13/2019 2:57:08 PM

    That would be the only photo available, regrettably. Thanks for answering!

  3. optimusprimeribChopdoc on 4/15/2019 8:41:59 AM

    Looks like a Chinese import cue.

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Is this a McDermott Cue?

  • Title: Is this a McDermott Cue?
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  • Published: 4/13/2019 8:56:48 AM
  • Last Updated: 4/13/2019 9:45:17 AM
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