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Brunswick Willie Hoppe Pool Cue Value

Brunswick Willie Hoppe Pool Cue Value

I have a two-piece Brunswick Wille Hoppe pool cue stick with the original leather pool cue case, and both are in excellent condition.

The cue stick is signed by Willie Hoppe and has the number 21 stamped on it. It has the Brunswick Balke Collender pool cue logo with Willie Hoppe's signature and the number 21 engraved on it.

Is that considered a collectible pool cue?

Is a Willie Hoppe Brunswick pool cue worth much?

If it helps to identify the value of this cue stick, I have both the cue and the case and all are in are very good condition.

Brunswick Willie Hoppe Pool Cue Value

Replies & Comments

  1. Richard BoothTim in Naples on 7/16/2008 2:51:52 PM

    I am curious about a very old cue stick that has a Willie Hoppe signature made by Brunswick Balke Collender.

    Unlike those those on e-bay, this one has a leather wrapped handle, comes in segments mid-stick, and while stamped with the Brunswick "oval," it as different wording.

    Love to know some history, e.g. the era, dates of manufacturing, and such.

  2. Richard Boothgorjo on 6/13/2009 10:18:38 AM

    Years ago, I lost a Willie Hoppe pool cue (well, technically my brother lost it) and I would really like to replace it.

    Have you posted your Brunswick Willie Hoppe pool cues on eBay yet?

  3. Richard Boothfaleww on 10/10/2009 10:43:47 AM

    I also have a Willie Hoppe pool cue #163 with the Willie Hoppe signature.

    I've been told by several pool players that its valuable cue.

    Will someone please help me find the value of my Willie Hoppe cue stick?

    (972) 635-9418

  4. Richard BoothDebe on 2/23/2010 12:22:55 PM

    I have an old Willie Hoppe cue stick that has his signature and is stamped #460.

    It has a black leather wrapped shaft.

    I too am wondering what it might be worth as I am thinking about selling it.

  5. Richard BoothRichard Booth on 3/2/2010 8:48:04 AM

    I have created a "for sale" listing for the Wiilie Hoppe Brunswick pool cue and matching case #27.

    Anybody Interested in buying it? It is in excellent condition.

  6. Richard Boothsleddog on 8/22/2010 8:17:48 AM

    I have a ONE-Piece Willie Hoppe signed pool stick with his original signature from 1909.

    I was interested if anyone could give a price on what they think it is worth?

    UPDATE: I listed mine for sale in the pool cues for sale area: 1909 One-Piece Willie Hoppe Brunswick Pool Cue for Sale

  7. Richard Boothpoolplayer91 on 6/9/2011 2:50:16 PM

    I just bought a Brunswick Willie Hoppe cue stick from an antique store in Gatlinburg, TN.

    It has 2 shafts, a black leather wrap, and the Brunswick blue label is rubbed off but I could make out it was for sure it was Brunswick.

    I know it's old because the shafts where it screws together is made from wood so it is a wood on wood joint. My dad says he hasn't seen anything like this in over 45 to 50 years, especially with a wooden shaft joint feature.

    If anyone has any information on this, whether be age, value, or whatever, please let me know.

  8. Richard BoothDan on 12/18/2011 8:34:31 PM

    I have an old Brunswick blue label Willie Hoppe cue with #21 stamped on it and the Willie Hoppe signature. It has a black leather wrap.

    Any idea what its worth?

  9. Richard BoothJoe M on 2/2/2014 2:54:42 PM

    I also have Willie Hoppe Cue with a Black leather Wrap that I have owned for 52 years.

    I won it off a guy at Kelly Cue. I don't know how long he had it before that.

    It does not have the typical blue or green Brunswick pool cue label like most of the other Brunswick Willie Hoppe cues out there. Instead, mine is has a silver/gray rectangle and says Brunswick and under that it says 1845 and has a Willie Hoppe signature.

    It is a two piece pool cue, and both pieces are Stamped 216. Those meet up when screwed together. It's a 20 oz pool cue. I have looked and have not seen a label like this before.

    Any info would be helpful.

  10. Richard Boothbilliardsforum on 11/24/2016 3:30:09 PM

    I am sure you got your answer on this but I was researching the Brunswick Willie Hoppe pool cues for someone else today and wanted to post here for those still finding this post.

    If your Brunswick Willie Hoppe cue has a rubber bumper, it would be from the 1940s. If it doesn't have a bumper, it would be from the 1950s.

    The "21" stamped on the cue is the weight.

    Today, I see these selling for anywhere between $180 and $900 depending on condition and region. There are a few on eBay (Nov 2016) selling for around $250 and they are pretty banged up. Some which have been fully restored or hardly used can fetch between $400 and $900.

    Here is the page from the Blue Book of Pool Cues:


    Here is a slightly different Brunswick Hoppe cue from those in the photo above. It is partially restored.


  11. Richard Boothuser1502673165 on 8/30/2017 7:01:02 PM

    Looking for Signature Wille Hoppe Cue. Not a decal but engraved signature stick.

  12. Richard Boothuser1558912066 on 5/26/2019 4:07:47 PM

    I have a Brunswick Willie Hoppe 18 oz, leather wrapped cue with a black "Brunswick Willie Hoppe Professional" label saying:

    reg. US Pat. Off

    I have never seen a black label version of this cue. Ever.

    What is it worth?

  13. Richard BoothChopdoc on 5/27/2019 4:49:44 AM

    The black labels were on later cues which are generally worth less than the earlier ones.

    The value depends on condition but even in excellent condition the black label cues are on the low end of the value scale for these. Maybe worth a couple hundred.

  14. Richard Boothuser1701986330 on 12/7/2023 4:58:53 PM

    I have a 19 oz Brunswick Professional Willie Hoppe cue for sale. It has the stamped Hoppe signature, the antique light blue label, two extra shafts, a leather grip, and the original hard shell leather box.

    I am also trying to find the value: Value of a Brunswick Willie Hoppe Professional Cue (Blue Label)

    Can anyone help on that question (as I do want to sell it).

    Thank you!

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Brunswick Willie Hoppe Pool Cue Value

  • Title: Brunswick Willie Hoppe Pool Cue Value
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  • Published: 3/24/2009 2:14:12 PM
  • Last Updated: 1/16/2017 6:14:05 AM
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