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Looking for an Id for My Meucci Original

Looking for an Id for My Meucci Original

I am looking for an ID on my Meucci Original cue stick.

I have an Idea, but don't want to sway anyone.

Thanks in advance




Looking for an Id for My Meucci Original

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  1. ShawnAllanbilliardsforum on 8/17/2017 5:36:40 PM

    You have a Meucci 84-4 pool cue from the 2nd edition circa late 1980s early 1990s. It eventually turned into the Meucci M-5 (same cue, newer Meucci logo).

    However, note that Mueller's sold a modern remake of this in 2015, even had the old-style block-letter logo as yours does. The ones from the 1980s are usually discolored and look yellow or cream color (unless you had it restored recently).

    If the white part, inside the top half of the "A" in "ORIGINALS" is almost filled in with black, then you probably have the 2015 version. Other than this, I am not 100% sure how to tell.

  2. ShawnAllanShawnAllan on 8/18/2017 1:25:17 AM

    The Meucci 84-4 has 3 colors around the points. This only has 2 colors.

    And I was bought n 87 by a friend who I bought it from. The closest model I've seen to matching it so far, is an MO 4.5.

  3. ShawnAllanbilliardsforum on 8/18/2017 10:17:43 AM

    Good call. I always forget about the Meucci MO 4½. By the way, what are the veneer colors in yours? It is a bit hard to tell from the pictures.

    Couple other things you might check:

    When the shaft is screwed on to the cue, do the black squares on the joint collars line up (e.g. black square on the cue perfectly in line with a black square on the shaft), or do they alternate (e.g. the black square on the shaft lines up with a white square on the cue)?

    Has the rubber bumper been replaced to your knowledge? One last thing you can do if you have a precision measuring device, is remove the bumper and measure the diameter of the plug. In the style of plug you have, there were two sizes used by Meucci over time, and this can be used sometimes to rule out certain models.

    • 1980s bumpers are about 3/4" .750 (See top portion of photo below)
    • The newer Meucci cues use .675 (See middle portion of photo below)


  4. ShawnAllanShawnAllan on 8/18/2017 10:28:54 PM

    Colors are black surrounding a kinda natural wood color, almost look like a light orange. I know it's from 1987 or before. Because that's when my friend bought it.

    It was also refurbished by Meucci about 5 years ago, because a local billiards guy screwed my shaft up. He paid to have a new shaft made, and had the rest redone because of his screw up.

    I also had it lightened up while it was there. They used a plastic screw instead of the aluminum weight or whatever they normally use to get it down to 15 oz.

    They might have changed the bumper then, I never measured it. I don't have one of the measuring tools, but the bumper measures 3/4 inch. The squares line up when it's together, I took a better pic of the colors, and the liner's in the joint are brass.







  5. ShawnAllanbilliardsforum on 8/19/2017 10:47:15 AM

    Man this has to be an MO-4.5. Everything else matches except the veneers.

    In looking into this cue, I have found a bunch of other MO-4.5 cues with veneers that are unique in color, etc. I believe it is a case of Meucci using whatever materials available at the time of the production run. I can't prove this right now, but I have reached out of a few of my contacts who would have been working at Meucci in that era. If they get back to me, I will let you know. The only support I have for this theory is the photos of supposed MO-4.5 cues below, all with variations in the veneers.

    The catalog photos would have been done from prototypes or a first run in whatever year they debuted. Your cue, bought in 1987, was probably made with different supplies on a different production run, but still sold as a Meucci MO4.5.

    The 84-4 shaft collar squares are offset from the squares on the cue's joint collar, so normally we could say that rules out the 84-4 from the 2nd edition, but since you had the shaft replaced, we can't be sure, unless you remember how the original shaft lines up.

    Here are some of the other veneer combinations I have found (note, the people claimed them to be MO 4.5 cues, but they be misinformed, no way to know for sure):




    And finally, just for comparison, here is an 84-4 from the 84 series first edition:


  6. ShawnAllanShawnAllan on 8/19/2017 7:00:32 PM

    The squares on the join collars matched up before the shaft replacement.

    Also, the original bumper was gone when I bought it. I remember it being extremely annoying setting it on the floor when playing. The one in it is what Meucci put in it.

    What's the value on the Meucci MO 4.5 now?

  7. ShawnAllanuser1553957571 on 3/30/2019 1:37:17 PM

    @ShawnAllan, you do not have a 2015 model if its the one I'm thinking of.

    Does it have a nick in the top section about 2/3 of the way up?

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Looking for an Id for My Meucci Original

  • Title: Looking for an Id for My Meucci Original
  • Author: (Shawn Allan)
  • Published: 8/17/2017 4:14:42 PM
  • Last Updated: 8/19/2017 9:38:39 AM
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