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McDermott-Help me identify please

McDermott-Help me identify please

Hey there,

Can anyone identify the series/name of this cue?

It is a McDermott pool cue and has the logo but other than that I do not see any identifying marks. It is all light wood with plain black. It is wrapped with tan and black string.

Any ideas are much appreciated! I may want to sell it if I can figure it out otherwise just use it myself. Sorry the pics may not be the greatest.

McDermott-Help me identify please

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  1. CloudyskyFenwick on 12/17/2012 8:25:36 AM

    It's hard to tell from the photos. Search here and you might get a idea on price.


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McDermott-Help me identify please

  • Title: McDermott-Help me identify please
  • Author:
  • Published: 12/13/2012 11:24:17 PM