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Recommend a Sneaky Pete Cue or a Good Alternative

Recommend a Sneaky Pete Cue or a Good Alternative

I am looking for a new pool cue because I recently sold my Predator Ikon 2 with 314 2 shaft when I was going to sell my pool table. Turns out that I didn't sell my pool table so now I want a new cue.

I live in the UK but don't mind importing but the import fees is extortionate.

My budget is between £100-£150.

I was looking at Sneaky Pete cues because you aren't paying for extras that I don't want. I do not want to pay as much as I paid for the predator but I still want a high quality cue without the extra cost of inlays and wraps etc. I would like a low deflection cue if possible.

I was looking at the Lucasi LZ2000SP. It has a Zero Flexpoint Shaft low deflection shaft but is this low deflection shaft as good as the Predator 314 2? The Lucasi LZ2000SP only costs $209 which is in the price range I am comfortable with.

It is not possible for me to go and try cues out this purchase will be blind with no hands on experience .

Does anyone here have any experience with the Lucasi LZ2000SP with the Zero Flexpoint Shaft?

Are there better cues in this price range?

Recommend a Sneaky Pete Cue or a Good Alternative

Replies & Comments

  1. stevenn21stevenn21 on 4/25/2014 3:10:26 AM

    wow no replies considering this is a pool and billiards forum its a pretty shhitty one probably wont come here again

  2. stevenn21Zeke on 4/25/2014 7:08:06 AM

    You might reconsider the nature of your question before you blame potential responders that are silent:

    Cue sticks are a personal property item - like a coat. No one can tell you you'd play better in knickers or rugby shorts. I've played some of my best billiards using a house stick with a tip that couldn't hold chalk...

    No one can tell you what stick will work for you. Only you can do that.

    We are all amazed that people post questions as to which stick to buy. The stick that YOU feel comfortable with is all that matters. If you shoot better with stick 'A' and it costs 50 quid, so be it. If you shoot worse with stick 'B' and can't run three balls - despite the cost being 300 quid - the cheaper stick should be your choice.

    "Sneaky Pete's" is a cue style - not a quality (or price) measurement!

    Rather than ask our personal (Yank bias always included) opinions about a model or brand (neither of which has anything to do with ability) - try explaining why you cannot find a place nearby that would allow you to sample a few brands, styles and weights - and THEN shop on line for the cue of your dreams - that won't involve international shipping costs.

    Hell, you guys invented the game. There has to be a billiard hall somewhere near an area you shop at.

    Think about the downside of buying something as personal as a pool cue - never having touched the item before the day it arrives.

    Unless you're into mail-order brides, the logic doesn't work for a cue stick either.

  3. stevenn21guest on 5/10/2014 12:14:01 AM

    I have LZ2000SP from Seyberts (200 USD +-). No comparision with 314 - 314 is far better. Players HXT Skinny is much better LD (for me), price for shaft is abt 100 USD, much closer to 314 for LD, but feelings are absolutely different. From Lucasi the model Zero Flex Slim is close (or equal) to 314 for LD, but feelings are different. 314 for me is too "dead", no loopback. Some people like it, some not.

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Recommend a Sneaky Pete Cue or a Good Alternative

  • Title: Recommend a Sneaky Pete Cue or a Good Alternative
  • Author: (Steven Noble)
  • Published: 4/21/2014 4:06:50 AM