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ID a Meucci Cue with Purple Wrap

ID a Meucci Cue with Purple Wrap

Can you id a Meucci cue with purple wrap as shown below?

From past discussion on the Meucci Paramount PC2 pool cue, you asked for photos. Can you I’d now with any certainty?

I definitely bought my cue in the late 1980s. I believe my cue may have been swapped one night at a bar tournament. A fellow was very interested to buy it for his collection. He told me this same design was made in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. He needed the version from the 1980s for his collection. The butt cap is under .75 inches, and the weight screw has a flat-head.

I bought it new, and it has never been repaired, other than tip replacement. It is in excellent condition! What is the model, age, current value?

Thanks, have a great day!

B41F5BFD-6EF3-403E-B676-6F6A5E51CDC7.jpeg 5EADCD5B-C115-4D4A-B808-87C5F0F6909F.jpeg






ID a Meucci Cue with Purple Wrap

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  1. user1530033437billiardsforum on 7/23/2018 5:27:53 PM


    1. This design was not produced in the 1970s. I would have no idea what your acquaintance is referring to in that respect.
    2. The design was released first in the Meucci Paramount series. It had a flat-head bolt.
    3. The design was used again in the Meucci 95 series (1995). It also had a flat-head bolt.
    4. There is no way to tell the difference between the above two as far as I am aware, other than being the original owner and knowing whether you bought it before or after 1995.

    The cue pictured above appears to have very distinctive chipping on the butt-cap, so I suspect you'd know right away if someone "swapped" your cue for another, even if it was from the exact same line.

    Since you know you bought yours new before 1995, you can probably assume with confidence that you have a Mecci PC-2 from the paramount collection.

    It's a lower-end Meucci cue, and doesn't command much in terms of sale price. Between $150 and $250 most likely. With those chips out of the butt cap, it's probably closer to $150, as a buyer would likely want to have it refinished (which will run him/her another $100 to $200).

  2. user1530033437user1530033437 on 7/24/2018 10:13:11 AM

    It's true, I didn't notice those very noticeable chips until after the said acquaintance was checking out my cue. He took it from me to examine under a light, out of my sight. Strangely, his initial offer was $250. I said no!! When he returned, he offered $350. I also said no! I guess I should have said yes.

    I positively purchased my cue prior to 1990. No doubt in my mind! I believe I've been duped! My cue was against a table all evening, and could have easily been swapped. So this cue is a model PC 2 for sure, from 1995, and should be worth $200? I remember when I bought it, I traded a fairly new Mali cue, plus, more than $200. Was told it had Mother of Pearl inlays, Irish linen wrap, birdseye maple hardwood, ivory, etc. etc.

    Was either $500 or $600 when I bought it new in the late 1980s. Now, you are saying that this same design was made in the 80's? What would that cue be worth today?

    Would the size of the butt cap date it? I am under the impression that before 1990, the 3/4" cap was used. This cue has the 5/8".

    Thanks for your help with the ID. Have a great day!

  3. user1530033437billiardsforum on 7/24/2018 4:24:06 PM

    You are misunderstanding just slightly.

    The PC-2 model is from 1989-1990 era. The identical design was released in 1995 as the 95-7 model.

    If you say you bought yours in the 1980s then id assume it's a PC-2.

    They are identical in design, and demand for each is identical also, in my opinion. No chance they are worth $600 today. Maybe half that if in perfect shape.

    Also, Meucci never used real ivory in any of their production cues. Ever.

    Hope this helps to clarify (ignore lighting and perspective differences in the scans... the cues are identical - these are just scans of different catalogs).


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ID a Meucci Cue with Purple Wrap

  • Title: ID a Meucci Cue with Purple Wrap
  • Author: (Robert Weichey)
  • Published: 7/21/2018 10:48:04 AM
  • Last Updated: 7/24/2018 4:15:18 PM
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