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Info on a "CS Gear" Pool Cue

Info on a "CS Gear" Pool Cue

Can anyone help me identify a pool cue I found in a storage auction? I'm looking for any info I can get on a "CS Gear" pool cue.

A few others cues from the same auction:

IMG_3390.jpg IMG_3391.jpg

IMG_3389.jpg IMG_3392.JPG

Info on a "CS Gear" Pool Cue

Replies & Comments

  1. grasswhackerbilliardsforum on 11/3/2021 6:42:11 AM

    This is an inexpensive import cue and wouldn't be relevant to any serious pool player.

    They were a promotional / give-away item from the "Copenhagen & Skoal" tobacco company. I believe it was from the 1990s era, give or take, but can't remember for sure.

    They get listed on eBay every so often for between $10 and $40, and don't usually sell. They're a novelty item and worth nothing more than it's utility value.

    Collectors of Copenhagen & Skoal paraphernalia would look for one which is unplayed and unopened, so this one doesn't have any collectible value either.

    They would have come in a similarly-branded soft cue case.


  2. grasswhackergrasswhacker on 11/3/2021 6:51:45 AM

    Thank you for the info on the CS pool cue

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Info on a "CS Gear" Pool Cue

  • Title: Info on a "CS Gear" Pool Cue
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  • Published: 10/6/2021 10:06:40 AM
  • Last Updated: 11/3/2021 6:18:06 AM
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