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Frank Paradise Cue Stick

Frank Paradise Cue Stick

I am a women who played pool in the early 70's. At that time a good friend and wonderful teacher of billiards by the name of Red Jones, gave me a original Frank Paradise cue stick. I played with that cue for many years, however, when he gave it to me I did have my name put in the shaft with "original by Frank Paradise". This cue must have been made around the mid to late 60's. My question, because my name was put in place of the gentleman who gave me the cue, is there a dollar value to this cue or does it de-value the originality?

Frank Paradise Cue Stick

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  1. airle3billiardsforum on 8/13/2007 9:30:27 AM

    Welcome to the Billiards Forums and thanks for posting!

    I've been checking on these cues, and it seems that they are extremely rare and highly sought-after. There are replicas being made that sell for over $1000.

    An original Frank Paradise pool cue (owned by Mosconi, and given to Mickey Mantle as a gift) sold at a Sotheby's auction for $12,000.

    Does it look anything like this? The inscription seems to match your description a little:

    It may help if you can post an image. If you have trouble inserting one, feel free to email one to me, and i'll gladly get it posted for you!

    Also, can you clarify the part about the customization of the cue to include your name? It may affect value as you suspected.

  2. airle3airle3 on 8/14/2007 2:22:37 PM

    I was aware of the sale of the Frank Paradise pool cue for sale at Sotheby's.

    I hate to admit this but I am not computer savvy enough to take a picture and e-mail anything...

    Actually, I know my cue is an original by Frank Paradise, and I intend to give it to my oldest son one day, so actually there will never be a dollar amount I could place on this cue. However, I do intend to take a picture of it to add to my homeowners policy which I recently had to change anyway.

    Thanks for all of your help and information.

  3. airle3Mark Bellamy on 11/6/2017 3:37:10 PM

    A dollar appraisal of the value of this cue could be VERY important. Whether it be a burglary, flood, tornado, hurricane, anything could happen to this rare & valuable cue stick. For insurance purposes always get your valuables appraised with a dollar amount. An appraisal on this site is sufficient for your insurance.

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Frank Paradise Cue Stick

  • Title: Frank Paradise Cue Stick
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  • Published: 8/11/2007 11:55:28 PM
  • Last Updated: 8/12/2007 7:07:43 PM
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