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Scepter Cue Model ID, History, and Value

Scepter Cue Model ID, History, and Value

I picked this Scepter cue up last week.

Any clues on the history of this Scepter cue model, and it's price?

I'm willing to sell it if a serious offer comes in.



Scepter Cue Model ID, History, and Value

Replies & Comments

  1. user1621459837debzcue on 5/19/2021 7:34:05 PM

    This is a Septor Cue.

    They were made in Rathdrum, Idaho.

    They were made from imported wood from Brazil which is no longer cut down so they no longer make them.

    What weight is it?

    Is this cue for sale?

  2. user1621459837user1621459837 on 5/20/2021 4:31:35 PM

    The cue weighs 21 oz, and yes, it is for sale.

  3. user1621459837billiardsforum on 6/1/2021 4:46:23 AM

    To clarify, I think the spelling is Scepter Cue (not Septor).

    I believe they were made from an engineered wood called DymondWood® (not "Diamond Wood" as is seen on the post-it note in the photos from the original question).

    @Debscue - do you have any reference to the Rathdrum, ID cue maker behind Scepter cues? I can't find anything.

    DymondWood® was a trade name for a plywood product made by Rutland Plywood in Rutland, VT. On the DymondWood® brochure, it says:

    The name is a "registered trademark of Wood Dynamics Corporation. Rutland Plywood is the exclusive manufacturer of DymondWood®"

    From the (now defunct) Rutland Plywood website:


    Rutland Plywood Corporation

    Product Overview

    A highly engineered wood/plastic composite, DymondWood® has the physical and mechanical properties of high density hardwood, acrylic and polycarbonate plastics, and brass. Here, brightly dyed northern hardwood veneers are combined with engineering grade resins, heat and pressure to create a product that has the best characteristics of each. DymondWood® is distinguished by its unique strength, durability, dimensional stability, weather and moisture resistance as compared to regular wood.

    Select hardwood veneers are impregnated with advanced dyes and resins through our state-of-the-art processes. The result: rich colors and optimum strength and durability that allows precise and efficient crafting. This beautiful, highly engineered material provides endless possibilities for fine, high quality products. DymondWood® is ideal for creating high quality knife handles, pens, plaques, awards, trophies, billiard tables, pool cues, drumsticks, desk accessories, etc. Our brochure shows our wide range of color offerings.

    Technical Specifications
    • Species: Birch
    • Length and Width 31.5"(l) x 16.5"(w) or 51"(l) x 16.5"(w)
    • Note: All ply's are oriented with grain in the same direction; Length is measured in the grain direction and width is measured across the grain
    • Thickness(nominal): 1/16" - 2"
    • Plys per inch(after densification): Approximately 29 plys per inch
    • Specific Gravity: 1.18 - 1.30
    • Additional Forms: Panels shown above are available custom sawn or planed to your dimensions. DymondWood® is also available in dowel form.
    • Prices and Technical specifications are subject to change without notice

    The company's entire manufacturing facility burned down in 2014, and I think that was the end of the supply.

    On August 21st 2014, Rutland Plywood Corp (RPC) suffered a catastrophic fire and lost its entire manufacturing facility. We were relieved that there were no injuries during the fire. The outpouring of community support has been overwhelming and appreciated by everyone it has touched. The future of Rutland Plywood remains uncertain at this time. We will continue to update this website as our plans develop to see what the future holds.

  4. user1621459837debzcue on 6/1/2021 8:22:27 AM

    I’d like to know the price your selling this cue for please.

  5. user1621459837billiardsforum on 6/1/2021 9:01:08 AM

    @Debscue - do you have any reference to the Rathdrum, Idaho cue maker behind Sceptre cues? I can't find anything.

  6. user1621459837user1621459837 on 6/1/2021 6:58:52 PM

    @debscue - How about $600, OBO?

    Reach me at:


  7. user1621459837lostagirl on 12/9/2021 8:40:28 PM

    Have you already sold your Scepter cue?

  8. user1621459837user1621459837 on 12/18/2021 7:50:02 PM

    Yes, I still have this Scepter cue.

  9. user1621459837user1666067719 on 10/17/2022 9:35:20 PM

    I have a very similar pool cue, but without the letter "S" logo.

    I'd be interested in buying yours if it is still available.

  10. user1621459837user1672524476 on 12/31/2022 2:07:57 PM

    Is this Scepter cue still available for sale?

  11. user1621459837user1708822231 on 2/24/2024 7:50:32 PM

    I have 3 Sceptre Custom Cues. I bought them in 1997 from the manufacturer at a billiard convention.


  12. user1621459837user1672524476 on 2/24/2024 7:56:56 PM

    @user1708822231 - Would you be interested in selling your Sceptre cues?

    What are the weights? Can you share pictures of the cues you have?

  13. user1621459837debzcue on 2/24/2024 11:46:00 PM

    These Sceptre cues were made in Rathdrum, ID.

    These are a superior cue to almost any other cue. The last ones made, to my knowledge, were made in 2004, and the people who made them no longer are around.

    If you have one, you’ll understand that you have a superior cue.

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Scepter Cue Model ID, History, and Value

  • Title: Scepter Cue Model ID, History, and Value
  • Author:
  • Published: 5/19/2021 2:30:37 PM
  • Last Updated: 6/1/2021 4:11:35 AM
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