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Who Manufactured This Cue?

Who Manufactured This Cue?

Anyone have any idea who manufactured this pool cue?

I recently acquired the pool cue for $80 on Offer Up. It was listed as a Mueller's pool cue.

The work and style looked a lot like Sanko to me but I don’t see his "signature" anywhere. It came in a Joe Porper’s Classic cue case from the protect-a-cue series from the 1980's. It also came with the custom joint protectors you see in one of the photos.

I did call Mueller’s and it really wasn’t a ton of help.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to what I have exactly?

Cue Therapy LLC
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It's joint protectors:


D083C6C5-6456-4134-83EB-D98F4396DE9F.jpeg 4C955371-ECEB-4D51-B789-B4BFE80A4DA6.jpeg

Who Manufactured This Cue?

Replies & Comments

  1. AZAnvilbilliardsforum on 6/27/2019 3:13:43 PM

    A good number of pool cue manufacturers have made lines exclusively for Mueller's.

    Mueller's has also acquired a number of big billiard retailers over the years for whom cue manufacturers have made exclusive lines (e.g. Cornhusker Billiard Supply).

    Those models were often done just for a year or two and then changed out. Unless you connect up with some older long-time employees, you won't get very far (as you mentioned).

    I don't recognize it off the top of my head, but some others here might.

  2. AZAnvilAZAnvil on 6/27/2019 3:25:11 PM

    I really appreciate the feedback and thoughts! I was afraid of exactly that given the number of names Mueller has picked up over the years.

    It really is quite a nicely made cue and plays wonderfully. Either way, that plus the case I made out well.

    Is there anything you see to indicate whether it is an older cue or not?

    Thanks again and hopefully someone will have some more info.

  3. AZAnvilbilliardsforum on 6/27/2019 3:49:34 PM

    Agreed. For the price you paid, I think you are doing well regardless of who made it.

    Regarding your question about age - the material in the butt cap and joint collar indicates to me that it's not all that old.

    For example, see these custom cues made by Bob Harris between 2007 and 2014 - at least half of them use that same material (it's hard to see, but it's the same - I know because I have the original larger images).

    You don't see that on older cues as far as I know.

    Bob Harris Custom Cues

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Who Manufactured This Cue?

  • Title: Who Manufactured This Cue?
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  • Published: 6/27/2019 12:40:56 PM
  • Last Updated: 6/27/2019 3:08:58 PM
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