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Info and ID for a "CPS" Pool Cue

Info and ID for a "CPS" Pool Cue

I am looking to find any information about a "CPS" pool cue I recently packaged.

It was marketed as a custom Adam cue but it has no Adam logo. Instead, it has a "CPS" logo.

Some people have suggested that the CPS stands for competition sports and that it is a much lower quality Adam cue that was mass produced in China.

I'm trying to find out if it was a cue sold by competition sports. If so, was it built in an Adam Japan or China factory, and is it a high-end replica or a cheap mass-produced cue.

Any information anyone has on CPS pool cues would be greatly appreciated.


Info and ID for a "CPS" Pool Cue

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  1. CeaseLessbilliardsforum on 8/23/2022 12:49:07 PM

    It is very low-end Competition Sports cue circa 2003-2006. The model is the Competition Sports CP-1 cue from the "Competition" line. Though you've not shown the entire cue, I am making an assumption that the forearm matches.

    I am highly doubtful that it is related to Adam Cue Co. in any way.

    Below is a direct screenshot from their actual PDF catalog from 2003 (which was obtained directly from the Competition Sports website back at that time).

    MSRP on the cue, at that time, was $150. The actual retail price would have been less than this, especially from online dealers. It would be worth well below that, today.


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Info and ID for a "CPS" Pool Cue

  • Title: Info and ID for a "CPS" Pool Cue
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  • Published: 7/25/2022 8:44:23 PM
  • Last Updated: 8/23/2022 9:26:26 AM
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