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ID McDermott Cue with Green Shamrock Logo

ID McDermott Cue with Green Shamrock Logo

ID a McDermott cue with a green shamrock logo.

This is my Grandpa's cue. He passed away in 1999 and probably had not used it for several years prior. So I know it's older than 1995 but that's all the information I have.

Can you please help me identify it?

I appreciate your help,

IMG_1373.JPG IMG_1374.JPG

ID McDermott Cue with Green Shamrock Logo

Replies & Comments

  1. user1532381400billiardsforum on 7/23/2018 3:26:22 PM

    You have a McDermott D-16 pool cue from the retired McDermott D-Series.

    The McDermott D Series pool cues featured nylon wraps on the D1-13 and leather, cork or Irish linen on the D14-26. The line used many exotic woods such as Birdseye maple, bubinga, rosewood, Bolivian walnut, ebony and cocobolo. It remains one of the most popular series of pool cues in McDermott history and its collector’s status appreciates every year. Many models were offered in a variety of stain and wrap colors.


    These cues were made from 1984 to 1990, and the original MSRP was $265. Estimated current value for a McDermott D-16 pool cue in perfect condition is between $400 and $600.

  2. user1532381400user1532381400 on 7/23/2018 3:46:37 PM

    Thank you! This is awesome, and I love having my Grandpa's cue!

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ID McDermott Cue with Green Shamrock Logo

  • Title: ID McDermott Cue with Green Shamrock Logo
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  • Published: 7/23/2018 2:30:00 PM
  • Last Updated: 7/23/2018 3:17:56 PM
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