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Model of Cue with Mali Sticker

Model of Cue with Mali Sticker

I am not sure if the Mali cue I have here is a real Mali or not because the only marking is the Mali sticker shown in the pic.

I am just wondering if it's a knock-off, or if not, what Mali model is it that I have?





Model of Cue with Mali Sticker

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  1. user1566936059billiardsforum on 9/19/2019 2:46:28 AM

    I believe it is a legitimate Mali cue from the early 1970s. It appears to be in relatively good shape.

    I don't have any Mali brochures or catalogs from this series, so I can't Identify the model.

    @Chopdoc - If you see this - do you have any materials showing Mali cues from this series and/or era?

  2. user1566936059Chopdoc on 9/19/2019 4:59:40 AM

    I am still looking for a catalog or brochure of these Mali cues. I've never saw one.

    The cue here looks like a nice example in nice condition.

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Model of Cue with Mali Sticker

  • Title: Model of Cue with Mali Sticker
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  • Published: 8/27/2019 1:01:00 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/19/2019 2:39:13 AM
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