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What do the Roman Numerals on Lucasi Cues Mean?

What do the Roman Numerals on Lucasi Cues Mean?

I have one of the early Lucasi cues. It has an XI or IX roman numeral designation on it.

Is there any information available out there?

What do the Roman Numerals on Lucasi Cues Mean?

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  1. user1654887144billiardsforum on 8/3/2022 6:05:04 AM

    The roman numerals on Lucasi cues indicate the year and month it was produced (it's "born date").

    Assuming yours says IX, the first letter represents the year 2001, and the second letter represents the 10th month—October.

    This tells us the cue was produced in an October 2001 production run.

    If it is XI, then it would mean a production date of January, 2010

  2. user1654887144user1680720950 on 4/5/2023 2:55:51 PM


    I have a cue with roman numerals "IX" which I bought in August or September of 1995.

  3. user1654887144billiardsforum on 5/2/2023 7:20:59 AM

    @user1680720950 - Interesting!

    Can you share a photo of your cue so I can see which specific model it is and which series it is from?

    It's a common question on here so I would like to get it nailed down!

    The Roman Numerals system for representing month and year has it's obvious flaws, and I am not sure of which year the system I described above came into play. It sounds like some more digging and research is needed.

  4. user1654887144user1680720950 on 5/2/2023 11:12:37 AM

    Here's my Lucasi cue: Identify 1995-era Lucasi Cue with Roman Numerals "IX"

    I'd also like to get the model identified.

    Hope it helps answer your question.

  5. user1654887144billiardsforum on 5/4/2023 7:25:44 AM

    Thank you. I will continue to research this issue, and will post here if anything further turns up.

    The system may have changed over time. Yours is an earlier cue model (as you mentioned - circa 1995) so the system may have been different back then.

    P.S. I've created a separate question for identifying your 1990s Lucasi cue, and will ID it over there.

  6. user1654887144djflash on 10/12/2023 3:37:23 PM

    This is good information but could someone please post the actual chart with the born dates for early Lucasi cue sticks with Roman numerals on the butt cap.

    I have a Lucasi pool cue that is signed by David Howard and has the Roman numeral VIII (8).

    Most David Howard cues I know are made by Meucci but this is a Lucasi cue.

    Thank you.

  7. user1654887144billiardsforum on 10/13/2023 7:14:09 AM

    @djflash - such a chart doesn't exist to my knowledge.

    Without knowing the series and model which your cue is from, I think your numbers indicate that it was completed in the 5th month of 2003.

    I've provided some info on your Lucasi cue in that thread (linked in your post above).

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What do the Roman Numerals on Lucasi Cues Mean?

  • Title: What do the Roman Numerals on Lucasi Cues Mean?
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  • Published: 6/10/2022 11:52:25 AM
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