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Identify 1995-era Lucasi Cue with Roman Numerals "IX"

Identify 1995-era Lucasi Cue with Roman Numerals "IX"

I would really like to know the model number of this 1995 Lucasi pool cue with "IX" roman numeral on the butt cap.

It was either August or September of 1995 when I bought it.

It originally came with a white and orange Irish linen wrap. I had it changed to a brown leather wrap, but that was about a million games ago.


Here is the roman numeral on the butt cap:


Identify 1995-era Lucasi Cue with Roman Numerals "IX"

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  1. user1680720950billiardsforum on 5/4/2023 7:32:34 AM

    This is a Lucasi L-13U pool cue from the Lucasi "L" series, circa mid- to late-1990s.

    MSRP was around $285 (August 2000).


    This design was carried forward in later Lucasi cue series, as the Lucasi L-2010 cue.


  2. user1680720950user1687973139 on 6/28/2023 5:37:16 PM

    My Lucasi cue has the number "808." What does that mean?

    I got the cue around the late 2000s.

  3. user1680720950user1680720950 on 6/29/2023 8:22:39 AM

    My cue (with "IX") was purchased in late August or early September of 1995.

  4. user1680720950billiardsforum on 6/29/2023 3:55:56 PM

    @user1680720950 - I believe that "808" indicates a production completion date of the 8th month of 2008.

    @user1687973139 - The older Roman Numeral version of the "born date" were scrapped due to obvious problems in using Roman Numerals to display a [M]MYY value.

    In your case, I am stumped as to how IX indicates a production completion date that matches up to when you bought it (or earlier).

  5. user1680720950user1680720950 on 6/29/2023 4:12:34 PM

    @billiardsforum - I'm glad someone else is as stumped as I am, and not afraid to say it. I have heard throughout the years and decades that the numerals were suppose to refer to a date system. But alas nobody is able to date mine, let alone help me with the model number.

    I did have one gentleman form FL tell me that before "Lucasi Customs" there were custom Lucasi cues, but I'm not sure about that because he was insinuating that it was from a numbered set of 10 not a date system.

    In any case I have been playing with it since '95 and I just love it. After the leather wrap was put on I had a 14 mm shaft made for it and it's a perfect fit for me.

  6. user1680720950billiardsforum on 6/29/2023 7:55:02 PM

    @user1680720950 - I helped you with your model number above in May—it is a Lucasi L-13U cue, so I guess you do know the model number!

    That's a production cue model. There were definitely more than ten made.

    Digging a bit further on the roman numerals - I am 99% sure the IX (which taken separately, translates to "1" and "10"). That indicates that its production was completed in 1991 (the I signifies the 1 in '91), in the 10th month - which of course is the X.

    The reference I found matches that pattern:


    The XVI, taken separately as X (which is 10), and VI (which is 6), translates into a "built date" of "the 6th month of 2010". It's the same pattern as yours and also makes sense in the context of when you said you bought it.

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Identify 1995-era Lucasi Cue with Roman Numerals "IX"

  • Title: Identify 1995-era Lucasi Cue with Roman Numerals "IX"
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  • Published: 5/2/2023 9:44:05 AM
  • Last Updated: 5/4/2023 7:05:08 AM
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