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ID Old McDermott Cue Model

ID Old McDermott Cue Model

Can anyone ID the model of this older McDermott pool cue?

I bought this cue in the early 1990s, used. It has no inlays. It's just all wood, and the wrap, with two black rings at each end of the butt sleeve and forearm.

I cant figure out what model it is. Can anyone help?



ID Old McDermott Cue Model

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  1. dudjackbilliardsforum on 4/19/2023 9:56:33 AM

    It is a McDermott D1 cue from the McDermott "D Series", circa 1984 to 1990.

    This was the lowest-end cue in the line, with an original retail price of $100.

    It would be worth somewhere between $100 and $150 today.


    See also:

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ID Old McDermott Cue Model

  • Title: ID Old McDermott Cue Model
  • Author: (Dudley Jackson)
  • Published: 4/14/2023 8:57:11 PM
  • Last Updated: 4/19/2023 9:48:47 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)