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Identify Old Cue, Probably an Old Meucci?

Identify Old Cue, Probably an Old Meucci?

Can you help to identify an old cue? It has a linen wrap, and the red star is raised.

It was my father's pool cue for as long as I can remember. Will never sell it but was thinking of getting it cleaned up and redone if it is worth it.

20180727_154019.jpg 20180727_153932.jpg

Identify Old Cue, Probably an Old Meucci?

Replies & Comments

  1. user1532720866user1532720866 on 7/27/2018 1:16:10 PM

    Never mind, I just figured out that it is a Meucci Star of David cue. Very cool.

  2. user1532720866billiardsforum on 7/27/2018 8:31:26 PM

    Meucci design for sure, I think folks call it the Meucci "Star of David" cue.

    But you are right to question it. Almost looks fake or something. The rubber bumper isn't the standard Meucci design, the "David Howard" stamp is either worn off, never existed, or isn't visible in the photo, and that raised star is not normal.

    If you are confident it is a legit Meucci, you should reach out to Scott Erwin for a refinish. Folks call him "the Meucci whisperer". I believe he is an ex Meucci employee, and he now makes his living refinishing old Meucci cues.

  3. user1532720866user1532720866 on 7/27/2018 9:14:05 PM

    Thanks for the reply, I will look him up. I dont think I can bring myself to refinish it, the smell of cigarettes and pool room is deeply embedded and it brings back memories. My dad was a PLAYER, this cue is filthy. I am 52 and he had this cue as long as I can remember. He may have gotten it from David, I think I remember my dad talking about him but I might be mistaken.


    Last post, crying like a baby. Here was the cue in 1998 I think. Dont smoke kids, it'll kill ya.


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Identify Old Cue, Probably an Old Meucci?

  • Title: Identify Old Cue, Probably an Old Meucci?
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  • Published: 7/27/2018 12:47:46 PM
  • Last Updated: 7/30/2018 2:00:41 AM
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