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Model and Value of Old Meucci Originals Cue

Model and Value of Old Meucci Originals Cue

I have been trying to get info and value on this old Meucci Originals cue that I inherited from my Mother.

It is in really good shape. Any ideas?

DD58CF8B-A2DC-4D81-9B72-7B4708CAE1A0.jpeg F1A0DD79-1A60-4670-882C-320310775FE0.jpeg 666CCB0E-D38E-49F9-B1C7-A57641439B2C.jpeg

12092C8B-AFD4-47B0-BB6C-E68A74D252F9.jpeg B83D9264-46E7-4DFA-8504-BF795F12BFB8.jpeg 2D8E486A-FBB8-4094-BFED-FC38B4A6B8A4.jpeg

1B92DF54-D2F4-45B4-B3D4-426478DEC0C6.jpeg 7A23B6C1-9E16-4768-BEA0-34F90654C024.jpeg 101F6F0B-B638-438C-A237-36FE1C1BF3B9.jpeg 4F539FCC-1333-44D7-8D4B-3CD657B98851.jpeg

Model and Value of Old Meucci Originals Cue

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  1. user1548098363billiardsforum on 1/22/2019 1:29:41 AM

    You've got a nice cue there.

    The cue has the original pill-style bumper, which is important.

    It's basically a Meucci Buddy Hall BH-5, but without the Buddy Hall stamp. The exact model isn't known.

    There is a good chance that it was probably a version of the BH-5 design made for a specific retailer (in this case, probably Cornhusker Billiard Supply - Now Mueller's). However, I have not been able to confirm this.

    See the versions below. Basically value goes from highest to lowest in order from left to right (assuming the first one still had it's original bumper):

    sdfg.jpg 278.jpg 1_fa3087379afe4d8637508431e.jpg efrde.jpg

    I did talk with someone who I consider to be an expert on valuing these older Meucci Original cues. He has one of the biggest Meucci Originals collections I've ever seen. He knows values so well because he buys so many. Here's what he said:

    Best I can say is about $650 or so. I like the pill bumper and the age. It could go for higher but without the "Buddy Hall" or "Rifleman" badge, I would say that $650 is a fair number. Hope this helps.

  2. user1548098363user1548098363 on 1/22/2019 4:47:59 AM

    Awesome, thanks for looking into the identification of this pool cue. I was coming up empty.

    As this was inherited and I enjoy playing pool, it will be my personal pool cue. I will take good care of it!

    The tip on it seems original and it was not at all soft. I scuffed it and it felt a little better. I am ordering a tip tool and will see about getting the tip back up to par.

    I’m looking forward to many friendly games of pool using this cue.

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Model and Value of Old Meucci Originals Cue

  • Title: Model and Value of Old Meucci Originals Cue
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  • Published: 1/21/2019 11:19:24 AM
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