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Low Deflection Pool Cue Shaft and Throw

Low Deflection Pool Cue Shaft and Throw

Quick question regarding "low-deflection" pool cue shafts.

I know that low deflection shafts allow you to use english with less adjustment, but what happens when you are aiming for dead center and slightly hit off center?

Does it throw the ball less than it would if using a regular shaft or does it play the same in this instance?

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Low Deflection Pool Cue Shaft and Throw

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  1. havocRackAndRollBilliardHallAndMuseum on 6/8/2019 2:25:10 PM

    I give billiard lessons at Rack & Roll Billiard Hall and Museum in Washington, NJ.

    I speak to shooters about the negative effects of not understanding the influence upon a shot if you hit off center. I call it "inadvertent english". A proper pool shot will in most cases involve a medium to slow speed with a slight amount of right english if you are faced with a dog-leg left shot, and a slight amount of left english if you are faced with a dog-leg right shot.

    The aimed stroke resulting in english...

    1. helps the cue ball steer the object ball into the proper path toward the pocket, with the proper receptive spin transferred to the object ball, it makes the object ball want to follow toward the pocket even if you hit a side rail on the way, because the slight spin you have transferred to it is in the direction that allows the ball to not pull away from the rail when it is touched. That said, I teach that:
    2. it is better to put the correct english on shots for another reason also, because the path of the cue ball after the hit with the object ball will be a different path than geometry provides, therefore the cue ball is much less likely to scratch in a pocket because you have broken the predictable path that geometry provides for the cue ball (which often would lead to a pocket resulting in a scratch)!

    Your question focuses on the resulting effect upon the shot if you hit off center utilizing a low-deflection shaft versus a regular shaft.

    If you hit off center when you are aiming for center, you will encounter inadvertent english which will affect the path of the object ball in an undesirable manner, no matter which type of shaft you are using.

    I have found that a low deflection shaft such as a Predator or Meucci Black Dot shaft will not bend during the hit to as great a degree as a regular shaft, therefore the path is more reliable, but it is not likely to provide the proper steer that you were wanting because of the hit off center when you meant to hit on-center.

    I teach the following as "ingredients for a proper shot":

    1. You aim and steer with your eyes and rear hand.
    2. You support and control the shot with your front hand (guiding shooters to create a fulcrum with a tight loop over the shaft performed by the index finger to help prevent deflection especially encountered with top spin)!
    3. Speed should be medium to slow to allow the smooth cue ball with no teeth to transfer the spin to the object ball effectively in the absence of teeth on the object ball.
    4. Stroke should be minimized in pull back and extended beyond the cue ball when taking the shot.
    5. Be still and don't hit harder than necessary, unless you are positioning the cue for ease of making the next shot or are aiming to be defensive.
    6. Control "whitey" (the cue ball) not allowing the ball to lay up on rails and other balls after the shot, and keep track of where the cue ball is going!
    7. Incorporate throw into your game to steer balls toward pockets and minimize scratches of the cue.
    8. Stop looking at the "spot" on the ball, stop looking at pockets, aim using the concept of the "ball-to-ball relationship", and hit with "throw" aiming to hit the object ball somewhere between "straight on" and the "spot" because the throw adds to the cue's ability to turn and steer the object ball.
    9. When you miss a shot, soften up to get back on track.
    10. Always shoot with good sportsmanship, because the Fun is in the Competition!
  2. havocbilliardsforum on 6/28/2019 4:03:39 AM

    Fantastic cuing advice Dave.

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Low Deflection Pool Cue Shaft and Throw

  • Title: Low Deflection Pool Cue Shaft and Throw
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  • Published: 3/5/2007 5:18:44 PM