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Poison VX2.9 Cue - Thoughts Anyone?

Poison VX2.9 Cue - Thoughts Anyone?

Hey all, New to the forums here. Pretty nice community! Anyways, I just bought a Poison VX2.9 Break Cue the other day from Ball Breakers, LLC - ballbreakersllc.com

Here is the actual cue: http://www.ballbreakersllc.com/sub_cues-2/prod_view.asp?N=Cues&SN=2-Piece%20Cues&ID=846

Originally, I ordered a 19oz, but exchanged it for a 20oz. Even that didn't feel right so I finally had it exchanged one more time for a 21oz. Luckily, the guys at Ball Breakers llc didn't mind. They had also mentioned that they could send me a couple weight bolts, but figured I'd get the cue with the original weight that i wanted.

So, anyways... I just used this cue this past weekend and had some mixed thoughts about it.
First off, it handled nicely and the weight felt just right. But, my biggest hurdle was the grip. Haven't played with a cue with such a strange grip. I guess it all depends on what the outcome is. And it was pretty good. I definately felt a bit more confident, but didn't notice a big difference in my game.

Has anyone else had any experience with Poison Cues? I've always loved Predator Cues and figured I'd give Poison a chance this time around.

My first thoughts were to try and get the set of Poison VX cues.. First the break cue, then the playing cue.
You can check out the playing cue here: http://www.ballbreakersllc.com/sub_cues-2/prod_view.asp?N=Cues&SN=2-Piece%20Cues&ID=845.

What's really strange is that i've played with Cues I've loved..and played with some really horrible ones, but these Poison Cues are throwing me for a loop. They seem to play really well, but its the grip that's getting me. Maybe I'll try it a few more times in tournaments and see what happens.

Poison VX2.9 Cue - Thoughts Anyone?

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Poison VX2.9 Cue - Thoughts Anyone?

  • Title: Poison VX2.9 Cue - Thoughts Anyone?
  • Author:
  • Published: 7/22/2008 1:51:51 AM