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Old Carved 5-Piece Cue Identification and Info

Old Carved 5-Piece Cue Identification and Info

I am looking to see if anyone knows if this old 5-piece carved cue would be vintage or not.

This 5 piece cue has no markings as to who made it and I’ve never seen one with carvings before. I’ve also never seen one with removable weights.

It was given to me by someone who found it. I shoot often and am in a local League.


I have separated all 5 pieces of the cue including the bumper and can not find any markings.


I do play pool but have never seen one with carvings like this.


It came in this hard cue case.

I would appreciate any thoughts on the cue.

If it is a vintage cue, I would like to get the ferrule replaced with a vintage replacement, and put a Kamui super-soft tip on it. If not I’m still going to use it. I like the carvings.


Does anyone have any idea if this is a vintage cue or not?

Any information on the cue would be appreciated.




2E04591F-9A94-4314-94B4-D977BB0D2F52.jpeg 810487E3-D0DA-4734-A2BA-96EE39E39D53.jpeg B08BC1D0-C501-4B15-9956-C6A416CC34C2.jpeg

Old Carved 5-Piece Cue Identification and Info

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  1. user1582338213billiardsforum on 2/22/2020 11:22:27 AM

    The cue is nothing special, and likely not worth having any work done to it.

    They are inexpensive cues imported from Taiwan.

    They can be found easily and cheaply on eBay and the like. It would cost you more than what you buy another one for.

    They've been asked about many times here in the past. If you search this site for the term "carved pool cue" there are around 30 previous questions about this cue and/or ones just like it. Here are a few of those which appear to be the exact same model as yours, or very similar. The answers and information in these questions would apply equally to your question.

    Though they are not all 100% identical to yours, they are all of the same quality, similar source and/or manufacturer, and are all cheap import cues with little to no value beyond their utility value.

    Think something along the lines of a $10 - $30 range.

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Old Carved 5-Piece Cue Identification and Info

  • Title: Old Carved 5-Piece Cue Identification and Info
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  • Published: 2/21/2020 6:23:34 PM
  • Last Updated: 2/26/2020 4:31:58 AM
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