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Viking USA Cue Model ID, Age, and Value

Viking USA Cue Model ID, Age, and Value

I just acquired this Viking USA pool cue while in Canada, and was hoping someone had some information on it.

Can anyone tell me the value, age, and model of this Viking USA cue?




Viking USA Cue Model ID, Age, and Value

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  1. Bent2Bitsbilliardsforum on 9/15/2022 6:05:23 AM

    You have a Viking Q18 pool cue, from the Viking "Q" series.

    It was in production from between July 1996 and June 1999.


    It's not worth a lot. The design is actually still available today, just from the newer Viking cue series and in different colorways.

    The brand new ones sell for $700-$900, but that's brand new, with warranty, etc.

    Yours would sell for somewhere between $100 and $200 most likely. There's been one on eBay for a while now, listed with a starting price of $199, and it didn't sell. It was relisted for lower, and sold in the end for $180.27 USD.

    Viking USA Vintage Red & MOP Mother of Pearl Inlay Pool Cue

    • Location: Illinois
    • Winning Bid: $180.27
    • Bids: 3


    Source: ebay.ca/itm/225146632928

  2. Bent2BitsBent2Bits on 9/15/2022 6:57:44 PM

    Awesome, thank you for the information on the Viking cue!

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Viking USA Cue Model ID, Age, and Value

  • Title: Viking USA Cue Model ID, Age, and Value
  • Author:
  • Published: 9/14/2022 8:49:47 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/15/2022 5:27:45 AM
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