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Square Shooter Cue Corp

Square Shooter Cue Corp

I am looking for information on this Square Shooter pool cue.

My grandmother was quite the pool player and collected many cues. This one is intriguing as for I can not find any info online about this particular cue. Clearly it's rare, but I'd love to know more about it.



Square Shooter Cue Corp

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  1. user1505863927billiardsforum on 9/19/2017 10:53:30 PM

    Amazing piece of pool cue history you have there. Especially having the Square Shooter Cue Corp. sales flyer.

    The registered company name was actually "Square Shooter Que Corp." Notice it is "Que" not "Cue", even though they use "Cue" in the brochure. The Wisconsin entity ID was S035845. The company was registered in July 1985 and was dissolved in April 1993.

    There is very little info available on these. I was unable to find even a single image or reference to these cues, aside from the above corporate info.

    Let me know if you find anything more, and I will do the same.

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Square Shooter Cue Corp

  • Title: Square Shooter Cue Corp
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  • Published: 9/19/2017 7:32:09 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/19/2017 11:02:02 PM
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