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Where to Find Mali Cue Catalogs

Where to Find Mali Cue Catalogs

In a few other posts, you mentioned that you have almost every Mali Cue catalog and brochure.

Is there any chance I could get copies of those files?

You can email me at:


Where to Find Mali Cue Catalogs

Replies & Comments

  1. KCCCbilliardsforum on 3/12/2023 2:12:00 PM

    Yes, I do have most of the Mali Cue brochures, especially from the late 1980s and early 1990s, but I have not yet digitized them.

    I plan on doing that sometime in the next 6 months, much like I've done with our archive of Meucci's BMC cue brand.

    When it's done, I'll let you know here.

  2. KCCCKCCC on 3/12/2023 5:47:37 PM

    Thank you so much, I'm addicted to Mali' cues!

    I have the few brochures I that have been posted to AZB but that does not even begin to scratch some of the later year's models.

    And honestly, I hate having to post cue identification requests, I would rather fish for myself!

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Where to Find Mali Cue Catalogs

  • Title: Where to Find Mali Cue Catalogs
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  • Published: 3/6/2023 4:48:23 PM
  • Last Updated: 3/12/2023 2:09:07 PM
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