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Pr Pool Cue?

Pr Pool Cue?

Looking for info on a pool cue marked with a capital P and a small r, with a box around it. Does anyone have any information on identification?

Pr Pool Cue?

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  1. user1493074209billiardsforum on 4/24/2017 7:55:08 PM

    Photo(s) please. Include butt, joint, and a close-up of the "Pr" logo/symbol you described.

    I am guessing you already saw this other post about "Pr" pool cues... No photo there either.

    Can't really help without a visual.

    Does this one look like yours? Is the logo / "pr" symbol the same? If so, it is an import cue. Apparently it is nearly impossible to find any info on these. The name of the cue is a Penn-ray pool cue, and apparently they were made in the mid to late 1980's, but I have not been able to verify that. Someone also thought they were made by Adam cue in the 1980s:

    This is most definitely a blank produced by Adam Cue... They had a lot of one-off name brands in the 1980s


    Update: Made in Japan, on behalf of a company called Penn-Ray Sutra Corp, P.O. Box 1088, Bensalem, Pa. 19020.

    "Penn-Ray Sutra Corp." was a trade name owned by the WICO Distribution Corp, of Illinois. They made pool cue blanks with "WICO points", among other pool cue parts.

    Also known as:

    Penn -Ray International Corp.
    1705 Winchester Rd, P.O. Box 390
    Bensalem, Pennsylvania 19020
    (215) 638-4720
    (Parts & supplies for electro -mechanical & electronic games and for phonograph, also billiard table parts, accessories & supplies.)

    Penn-Ray Sutra Corp.
    31 61 -A Slate Rd. Bensalem, PA 19020
    (215) 638-4720
    (billiard supplies 8 accessories, tournament soccer foosball tables, parts, accessories 8 supplies for the coin machine, amusement & billiard industries)

    One just sold on eBay for $101 USD... pretty banged up:


  2. user1493074209user1493074209 on 4/24/2017 9:11:14 PM

    That's the exact marking I have. Thanks for your help!

  3. user1493074209user1530225604 on 4/5/2019 9:23:04 AM

    Thanks for all the information on the cues, it has been very helpful.

  4. user1493074209Mark Bellamy on 6/21/2019 1:01:54 PM

    How much would you sell the Pen-Ray pool cue for?

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Pr Pool Cue?

  • Title: Pr Pool Cue?
  • Author:
  • Published: 4/24/2017 6:50:10 PM