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ID Cue with "Sportcraft" Logo

ID Cue with "Sportcraft" Logo

Can you help me identify this Sportcraft pool cue?

I'm wondering what kind it is, and what it's value would be.

I can't find it online.

15999245236849067876466604133196.jpg 15999245799273464689328913673618.jpg

ID Cue with "Sportcraft" Logo

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  1. user1599924705ckshyloner on 9/12/2020 9:41:12 AM

    Sportcraft is the brand. It is a Sportcraft cue, lol.

    They are very cheap cues that someone would have found at a Kmart store, for example.

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ID Cue with "Sportcraft" Logo

  • Title: ID Cue with "Sportcraft" Logo
  • Author: (Chris Kemp)
  • Published: 9/12/2020 8:31:46 AM
  • Last Updated: 10/5/2020 2:28:54 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)