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Dufferin D-1503 Cue Information?

Dufferin D-1503 Cue Information?

Hello! As far as I know, this is a Dufferin D-1503. Does anyone have any information on it?

I am wondering when and where was it made?






Dufferin D-1503 Cue Information?

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  1. user1552469428Chopdoc on 7/23/2019 9:56:16 AM

    Not much to know.

    It's a modern "low end" Dufferin cue.

    It is not valuable or collectible.

    I believe those ones are Asian imports, not made in Canada. But it makes little or no difference.

  2. user1552469428billiardsforum on 7/24/2019 6:12:21 PM

    Your Dufferin D1503 cue is from after 2005, when Dufferin's brand assets were sold to Cue & Case Sales, an American distributor of pool cues and cue sport products.

    All Dufferin cues post-2005 are made in China.

    MSRP of the Dufferin D-1503 cue was around $129, and retail was commonly around $99.

    Dufferin DP1503 / D1503

    • Great looking cue at a great price!!
    • Mystic black Stain on Forearm and Buttsleeve.
    • White, Maple, and Black graphic overlay on forearm and buttsleeve
    • White Implex 5/16x18 joint.
    • Solid black Double pressed Irish Linen wrap
    • 13mm Tiger Everest tip.
    • Weight 17.5 to 20.5oz.




  3. user1552469428user1552469428 on 7/24/2019 8:06:31 PM

    Thanks! I'm not familiar with the Tiger Everest tip - I'll Google it. Appreciate your response!

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Dufferin D-1503 Cue Information?

  • Title: Dufferin D-1503 Cue Information?
  • Author: (Jack Arrowood)
  • Published: 7/20/2019 8:57:50 AM
  • Last Updated: 7/24/2019 5:55:15 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)