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2005 Coker Cue Value?

2005 Coker Cue Value?

I bought a Coker pool cue many years ago.

I just wanted to know if it’s worth anything before I just give it away.

It has a tulipwood forearm and butt, a maple handle, and red-dot rings.

2005 Coker Cue Value?

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  1. user1557626694billiardsforum on 5/15/2019 3:44:40 AM

    Without photos we can't provide you with an identification.

    Without identification or an ability to observe it's condition via photos, a valuation is also not possible.

    Upload some photos of the Coker pool cue and we'll go from there.

    As the famous quote goes - "Help ME help YOU"

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2005 Coker Cue Value?

  • Title: 2005 Coker Cue Value?
  • Author:
  • Published: 5/11/2019 7:04:55 PM
  • Last Updated: 5/15/2019 3:51:53 AM
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