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Value of a Meucci Originals Chess Cue

Value of a Meucci Originals Chess Cue

How Much is a 1970s Meucci Originals chess cue worth?

I bought a Meucci Originals "chess" pool cue from Bob Meucci (himself) in the 1970s at a Chicago pool tournament.

It has two shafts and is in excellent shape, although the M and E in MEUCCI (on the butt) are worn off. Also, it differs from the photos I’ve found online in that the end of the butt is black rather than white.

This is my favorite cue but I play infrequently these days.

I would like to know the approximate value of a Meucci Originals chess cue.








Value of a Meucci Originals Chess Cue

Replies & Comments

  1. stillerbwbilliardsforum on 1/13/2020 2:38:27 PM

    Great photos of the Meucci MO-8 Chess cue. Thanks for sharing. Meucci Originals MO-8 cues are becoming harder and harder to find.

    I have a few questions:

    1. Has the cue ever been refinished or repaired?
      • The butt cap (black portion) looks like a replacement. It was likely once all white, and someone perhaps cut off the damaged portion (keeping the logo intact) and replaced it with a black piece of phenolic resin. Also, the way the black butt cap "narrows" as it goes toward the bumper is not normal for Meucci Original cues, further indicating a repair at some point.
      • The rubber bumper also indicates a refinish or repair, as the 1970s bumpers were smaller and rounded (known as "pill-style" Meucci Originals bumpers). The one on that cue wasn't seen until the late 1980s or early 1990s.
      • The cue tips look brand new or never chalked. Are they the original, or have they been replaced?
    2. Is the cue straight? (When you remove the shaft and roll along the bed of a pool table, does any part of it come off the table while rolling?)
    3. Same question for each of the two matching shafts. Do they both roll straight?

    All of these may affect value. I'll wait to hear from you on the above question.

    But speaking in generalities:

    • A collector who would pay the kind of money this cue is worth will want to fix that "Frankenstein" butt cap.
    • If it was all-original you might pull $1200+ with the two matching shafts (or more).
    • Because it's likely been tinkered with, it might fetch $800-$1000 on a good day.
  2. stillerbwuser1642791161 on 1/21/2022 10:52:42 AM

    Are you selling this Meucci Originals MO-8 cue?

  3. stillerbwuser1642791161 on 1/25/2022 5:58:23 PM

    I'm still interested.

    Is the 1976-1978 Meucci MO-8 pool cue for sale?

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Value of a Meucci Originals Chess Cue

  • Title: Value of a Meucci Originals Chess Cue
  • Author: (Cheryl Debes)
  • Published: 1/13/2020 1:06:13 PM
  • Last Updated: 1/18/2020 6:03:18 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)