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How Much is a Meucci 95-1 Cue Worth?

How Much is a Meucci 95-1 Cue Worth?

I am just looking for a general value of a Meucci 95-1 cue.

The shaft is good and has no issues. The butt has very minor blemishes with a very slight wobble...

Any help is appreciated.

How Much is a Meucci 95-1 Cue Worth?

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  1. bvories23billiardsforum on 11/2/2021 2:12:58 PM

    You could consider the 95-1 to be more or less the same as any basic "small band" Meucci "M1" sneaky-pete cue.

    These can be had, brand new, from an authorized Meucci dealer, with a warranty, for just under $300.

    For any serious pool player, one with a "slight wobble", it wouldn't be worth buying, I suspect, unless the price is rock-bottom. With blemishes, a wobble, and no warranty, you'd probably be looking at less than $150, and maybe even less than $100. Impossible to tell without photos.

    However, there are a lot of crazy Meucci-heads out there, so you might find a bit higher of a price depending on who is looking for one at any given time.

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How Much is a Meucci 95-1 Cue Worth?

  • Title: How Much is a Meucci 95-1 Cue Worth?
  • Author: (Bret Vories)
  • Published: 10/6/2021 9:46:29 AM
  • Last Updated: 11/2/2021 2:00:56 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)