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Help with a Gold/Silver Leaf Dufferin Cue

Help with a Gold/Silver Leaf Dufferin Cue

I am doing research on Dufferin pool cues as I have acquired one that I am interested in selling.

I believe I have a silver ebony cue as @jbabcock explained in his thread Buying Old or Vintage Dufferin Pool Cues.

My leaf looks gold but apparently is silver. The 4" base has a royalty look to it as there is a red castle with a gold crown in it and an animal (a red lion?) in a gold shield.

This could be a special cue. So therefore it could be worth a bit.

IMG_0649.jpg IMG_0650.jpg




Help with a Gold/Silver Leaf Dufferin Cue

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  1. user1644991432billiardsforum on 2/16/2022 2:18:33 AM

    You have a Dufferin "crown" cue from the Dufferin Imperial series. It is made from ebony wood.

    It's regarded as the creme-de-la-creme of Dufferin cues for some reason, and is generally sought-after by Dufferin cue collectors. It's a bit puzzling, as it's not a particularly intricate cue (the butt sleeve design is a water-decal, not real inlays).

    Here's a note from another collector:

    It is a Dufferin Crown cue (Dufferin Imperial series cue). I have four of them and there are some out there with different colored shields as well. These are quite rare now too and really hard to find. Especially the ones with the two colors. I would date this cue to the late 1980s early 1990s. All of mine are ebony as well and I've never seen one that was not. Usually, they run a bit longer in length as well, I do not have one to show of the two colors and I am still searching for one. They have a blue and red shield on the one I'm looking for.

    See also:

    Yours is in very rough condition compared to others I see out there. For example:



  2. user1644991432buteo on 2/18/2022 11:45:55 AM

    These Dufferin Crown cues can be found fairly easily in Ontario Canada. Value wise, I have seen them selling from between $30 and $70 dollars. The decals are a bit of buzzkill on the Dufferin crown cues.

    There are higher-quality Dufferin cues for sure.

    I would keep looking for silver- and green-leaf Dufferin cues. The red-leaf Dufferin cues are still fairly common. I honestly have not found a green leaf Dufferin cue yet.

    There are some amazing Dufferin cues out there with beautiful wood grain, etc.

  3. user1644991432user1644991432 on 2/18/2022 12:47:51 PM

    Thanks for your replies about the Dufferin Crown cue above.

    Yes mine is in kind of rough shape. I thought some people redo them. Would someone be interested in buying this cue? If so, are there any offers? However I am located in Vancouver, BC!

    I don't know how this is done. Is the cue paid for ahead of time, with shipping, and then shipped out? How does one know if it will actually be sent, if paid in advance? Seems like a trust thing.

    If this Dufferin cue is a collectors item, why are they going for between only $30 - $70? I thought that it would be quite a bit higher. I realize that mine is cracked around the crown shield, and needs a little attention elsewhere. It would be worth refinishing, to increase the value significantly for collectors to buy.

    I was hoping to get upwards $150 for it, or so, since they are "sought after" cues. Maybe I should post it on Craigslist.

    Thanks for your inputs.

  4. user1644991432buteo on 2/18/2022 1:07:38 PM

    I would throw it on Kijiji in Canada. The feedback and visits will tell you what price is right.

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Help with a Gold/Silver Leaf Dufferin Cue

  • Title: Help with a Gold/Silver Leaf Dufferin Cue
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  • Published: 2/15/2022 10:03:53 PM
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