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Help ID an Older Meucci Originals Pool Cue

Help ID an Older Meucci Originals Pool Cue

Can anyone help me identify this Meucci pool cue? I can't find it on the internet and it is not found in the blue book of cues either.

I am looking for a model name and a value if possible.

Help ID an Older Meucci Originals Pool Cue

Replies & Comments

  1. larrylushAwdMan on 3/8/2012 8:25:03 AM

    Definitely an older one, have you sent a message or called Meucci to see if they can help you?

  2. larrylushlarrylush on 3/8/2012 9:01:35 PM

    I have tried to contact Meucci several times and they never responded back.

  3. larrylushelsfire on 9/27/2012 5:43:35 PM

    I can't see enough of the cue. Does it have any points in the forearm? If not, I would probably value it at around the $200 dollar range.

  4. larrylushlarrylush on 10/4/2013 11:12:23 PM

    Can anyone help me with some identification on these Meucci pool cues? A model number, year it was made, where it was made, or any info would help. I looked in the blue book and saw nothing on this cue.

  5. larrylushZeke on 10/5/2013 7:18:39 AM

    It's obviously a Meucci cue. I'm surprised you couldn't find it on their website. At one time, Meucci had all of their stuff cataloged and online.

  6. larrylushZiggy_Lee on 7/21/2014 1:56:39 PM

    I know this is an older post. If you go to budgetbilliards.com, they have an archive section with a lot of older catalogs, or you could also go to the Meucci website. I hope this helps out anyone looking to check out old Meucci cues.

  7. larrylushbilliardsforum on 3/11/2016 10:25:54 AM

    Did you ever figure out a model or any other information for this Meucci Original?

    I am trying to research another Meucci cue of this same model. I have 10 times the amount of catalogs and images of Meucci's that the budget billiards archive has, and I am still not able to locate an exact match.

    Some have suggested it might be the Meucci HI-RUN aka the Meucci ST-4 cue from the Meucci Starter Series, but at first look, I disagree. The inlays, near the butt, in your cue are square, and the ones in the Starter Series are rectangle. But obviously that could have changed over time, so it could very well be a ST-4 or HI-Run cue.

    I did find a few others out there in the wild though, but none had any model info to go with them. (Maybe I just found other pictures of your Meucci cue?)

    This one is/was for sale in Tampa, FL for $1000 OBO (which, by the way, is about 4 times what it is worth).

    Also, you probably already saw the reply on another site from Mike Dewitt where he was asked about the same photos from that first set you had posted. I'll summarize here for the benefit of anyone else looking for the same cue:

    ...the cue appears to be a Meucci ST4 made probably in the late 1980s.

    ...keeping in mind that Meucci was always changing things and using different colors to make cues appear to be different and new, but actually, many cues were the same from the 1980s up to 2000 and later.

    ...also in the 1980s or "the early years" you could order pretty much anything you wanted including different butt cap colors or different grains of maple in the forearm. So in many cases you may see another Meucci cue from that era that looks like yours but the stain may be different or it may have a different joint ring, etc.

    He went on to suggest that perhaps someone ordered an ST-4 and customized it in that way.

    And one last one I found from some auction a long time ago with no additional info. This is a bit different but is a close variation. This one I would be more confident in saying is a ST-4 or HI-Run from the Meucci Starter Series.

  8. larrylushTNOriginals on 3/14/2016 8:56:14 AM

    I'd be interested in purchasing this cue.

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Help ID an Older Meucci Originals Pool Cue

  • Title: Help ID an Older Meucci Originals Pool Cue
  • Author: (Ken Armitt)
  • Published: 3/4/2012 11:36:28 AM