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ID Viking Cue with Large Letter "X"

ID Viking Cue with Large Letter "X"

Can anyone tell me the value of this cue?

It was passed down to me and have no way to look it up .

There’s no numbers on it. The "X", I guess, stand for the X series .

Please can you tell me about this Viking cue stick and whether or not it is special?


ID Viking Cue with Large Letter "X"

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  1. user1696176285billiardsforum on 10/3/2023 6:15:46 AM

    It appears to be a Viking G-32 pool cue with purple stain.

    It is from the Viking "G" series which was in production from between June 2007 to August 2010.

    The MSRP was $400, and it would be worth somewhere a little less than that today, in used condition.

    It is special? No, it's a production cue.


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ID Viking Cue with Large Letter "X"

  • Title: ID Viking Cue with Large Letter "X"
  • Author: (Jerry Anderson)
  • Published: 10/1/2023 12:04:46 PM
  • Last Updated: 10/3/2023 5:59:33 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)