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Info on Ada-Chi Cues from Japan?

Info on Ada-Chi Cues from Japan?

Would you guys have any information about Ada-chi cues?

It is claimed to be Japanese made, but I have only found a few of them that are sold.

Info on Ada-Chi Cues from Japan?

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  1. chefdaddyjonbilliardsforum on 4/4/2019 2:36:58 PM

    I don't have anything solid for you, but a few tidbits found online:

    Discussion from 2007:

    "Ada" and "Chi" are not typical Japanese names, so I would guess that if this is a cue made in Japan, then the name Ada-Chi is a play off Adachi Ward in Tokyo, which borders about 500 meters from where I live. If the Ada-Chi is actually a name (not nickname) then I would doubt that the cue is from Japan.

    There is a guy in Adachi ward that runs a wood shop as his main profession, but for pocket change does repair work on cues. He also used to make cues, and according to him, will and can still make cues, but it's not worth his time. When he was making cues, I don't know what he called them, but his current business is called "Ishigaki Kogyo".

    I'd be inclined to spend more time digging if you provided photos, or a classified link, or something where I can look at them.

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Info on Ada-Chi Cues from Japan?

  • Title: Info on Ada-Chi Cues from Japan?
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  • Published: 4/4/2019 12:40:28 AM
  • Last Updated: 4/4/2019 2:32:40 PM
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