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Meucci Originals MO-10 Cue Value

Meucci Originals MO-10 Cue Value

I bought this Meucci Gambler cue (Meucci Originals MO-10 cue) back in 1975.

I had a MO-2 cue and a MO-5 cue. I broke the MO-5 after missing a shot! Not very smart! It broke at the points. I still have the shaft.

But I still have the Meucci MO-10 pool cue.

I paid $150.00 for it in 1975, used. It needed a new tip, and the guy selling it needed money. It is in perfect condition. It is hard to tell that I even used it. It has a brass insert at the joint.

I'd like to know how much the Meucci MO-10 cue may be worth.






Meucci Originals MO-10 Cue Value

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  1. FredLbilliardsforum on 2/15/2022 2:27:38 PM

    This is an exceptional example and does indeed appear to be in excellent shape.

    I wonder if it also has a brass joint pin? In general, those with a brass joint pin would be the oldest ones (as Meucci switched away from brass material in their default joint pins not long after the series came out). A brass joint pin doesn't guarantee that it's an older generation MO cue, but it's a very strong indicator, and thus, Meucci Originals cues with the brass joint pins usually bring a higher price.

    Assuming the cue and matching shaft are both straight, and no other issues with it's condition are present, it could sell for between $1200 and $2000+, give or take. The other shaft isn't a matching shaft (as you confirmed), so generally it won't boost the price, even if you bundle it with the cue and matching shaft. I'm going to share some recent sales I've come across. You'll see just how widely the values can vary.

    It really does depend on condition, number of matching shafts, and what else is out there in the market (in terms of this make and model) at any given time.

    This one sold in late 2019 for $1200, though it looks a bit rougher-around-the-edges than yours.



    This one was up for sale for $1500 in 2020, but it looks like it didn't sell.



    Then, we have THIS one - it's a brass-pin Meucci Orignals MO-10 cue in flawless condition. It was up for sale from a Meucci Dealer in late 2021, for $2500. I am not sure that it sold yet.




  2. FredLSledgehammer on 12/21/2022 12:06:37 AM

    I just bought a Meucci MO-10 cue about six months ago via an eBay auction for $1500 with two shafts. It was in pristine condition though. It is a restoration without a mark on it anywhere. It presents as a brand new pool cue.

    One thing that just floors me is that pool cues (for whatever reason) are worth MORE after a good restoration, as long as the work is good and it's done right. I am used to dealing with vintage guns and guitars and if one of those is restored it cuts the value in half. Not so with pool cues. I was apprehensive about buying my model 10 gambler for that reason, but every time I researched it to prove myself right I found the opposite opinion by just about everyone:

    Restoring a vintage pool cue does not decrease the value of it, and may increase the value of it if done properly.

    I shoot with a simple 5-point Joss West pool cue from the early 1970s and it has been beat up pretty good over the years but I will never refinish it because I think it adds character to the stick.

    Sorry I've digressed. To answer your valuation question on how much a Meucci Originals MO-10 cue is worth, I would say that the range is from $850 in poor condition and up to maybe $1800 on the upper end.

    Condition is everything but your appears to be a 9.5 out 10 and you can command a premium price for it because of that.

    Here are some shots of my Meucci Originals MO-10 cue




  3. FredLbilliardsforum on 12/21/2022 3:44:18 AM

    @Sledgehammer - Thanks for sharing those photos of your Meucci Originals cue. It's a beautiful example.

    I would add caution to the statement about refinished cues being worth more after a quality restoration. My observations show that this is true for production models (such as these Meucci MO-10 "gambler" cue models), but not so much for extremely rare, extremely old, or certain other non-production models.

    There are certainly cue collectors who would pass on certain models if they've been refinished. There are examples on this site where collectors selectively chose not to restore certain cues—either because the condition was quite good without a restoration, or because a restoration would decrease the current market value of the cue.

    But of course, every cue is different and every collector has different ideas about what should and should not be restored.

    I do agree that the quality of the re-finish job is paramount.

  4. FredLSledgehammer on 12/22/2022 10:10:02 AM

    Yeah I hear you about that. I wish mine was not restored. I wish it was in it's original condition before the restoration, but it looked so tasty I couldn't pass it up.

    I have other Meucci gamblers including a Gambler 2 with a red dot shaft that I love playing with.

    But this one here is different. I'm almost afraid to take it out of it's case and play with it. And I hate owning a cue I can't hit with.

  5. FredLuser1672859929 on 1/4/2023 11:18:50 AM

    I have two Meucci Originals Gambler cues, one is in spades cards that I have been shooting with over 30 years, and the other is in clubs cards. That one has only been shot with 10 times.

    I bought both from a dealer in the early 1980s. Both have certificates signed by Bob Meucci.

    The clubs is #40 and the spades is #80 of 100 made. I wish I had bought the hearts and diamonds versions also.

  6. FredLFredL on 1/4/2023 4:02:14 PM

    Yeah, it would be cool to have this cue in all four suits!

  7. FredLbilliardsforum on 2/11/2023 12:32:58 PM

    @user1672859929 - That's really interesting. I didn't realize they did limited runs of the gambler cues back then.

    Would you perhaps be willing to share a photo of the certificates of registration?

  8. FredLuser1672859929 on 11/5/2023 7:17:16 AM

    Sorry it took me so long to get back.

    Here are the Meucci Originals MO-10 cue registry of certificates:


  9. FredLbilliardsforum on 11/7/2023 7:36:27 AM

    @user1672859929 - Hi George, thanks for sharing.

    I posted an obfuscated version of the certificates here for the benefit of the community (I hope that's OK—but do let me know if you want me to pull it down and I will happily do that).

    So I see that the registry was likely managed by Cornhusker Billiard Supply (now owned by Meuller's Recreational Products).

    Cornhusker Billiard Supply was a top-selling Meucci cue dealer back in the 1980s and 1990s, and as such, Meucci did a bunch of special models, limited runs, etc. for Cornhusker.

    In exchange for your efforts in sharing the certificate photo, it is my pleasure to share this magazine ad for the Meucci-Cornhusker MO-10 exclusive Gambler cue. It is from the May 1986 issue of the National Billiard News magazine.

    George—i'll email you directly with a higher-resolution copy that would go nicely with your set of cues.


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Meucci Originals MO-10 Cue Value

  • Title: Meucci Originals MO-10 Cue Value
  • Author: (Fred L.)
  • Published: 2/15/2022 12:29:49 PM
  • Last Updated: 2/15/2022 2:58:54 PM
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