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Meucci Original Cue Stick ID and Value

Meucci Original Cue Stick ID and Value

Can anyone tell me any info about this Meucci Originals cue stick?

We do storage auctions and found three Meucci cues (this one and two other newer models with "Meucci" in cursive lettering).

Can anyone tell me what this Meucci Originals cue is worth? How old it is? Any other details?

It has mother of pearl inlay at the bottom and above the grip in the diamond.

16084720202767669859605501600595.jpg 16084720488399135294416682595690.jpg

Meucci Original Cue Stick ID and Value

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  1. user1608472277billiardsforum on 12/20/2020 8:48:44 AM

    You have a Meucci Originals OL-2 cue from the Meucci Oldies series.

    Some folks call it the Meucci "airplane" cue, or Meucci "propeller" cue, though those aren't proper model names.

    It's banged up beyond most you find on the market, and it would cost a lot to have it repaired and refinished, thus, it's value is negligible compared with that of most other's you might find on classified sites (e.g. maybe think $100 or less, most likely)

    It is a relatively popular model, but not in this condition.

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Meucci Original Cue Stick ID and Value

  • Title: Meucci Original Cue Stick ID and Value
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  • Published: 12/20/2020 5:51:18 AM
  • Last Updated: 12/20/2020 8:32:07 AM
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