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Older Cuetec Cue Model ID

Older Cuetec Cue Model ID

I have had this Cuetec cue for a very long time.

I am trying to find a replacement shaft for it but also do not know the model number of the cue.

Can someone help identify the model of this Cuetec pool cue?



Older Cuetec Cue Model ID

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  1. Scottyu78billiardsforum on 9/8/2023 7:26:21 AM

    It's a Cuetec 99349 "Blue" pool cue from the Cuetec "Specials" line, circa 2006-2007.

    It sold for about $99 from most major pool cue retailers.

    From the marketing materials:

    Cuetec 99349 Blue Pool Cue

    Cuetec pool cue with a blue forearm with black and silver designs. The butt is blue with black and silver designs. The joint is black stainless steel with silver rings. The wrap is black vortez. This cue comes with one shaft with a 13 mm pro taper.

    5 Reasons to buy this cue:

    1. Warp Resistant -- The entire wood cue is permanently encased in Power Bond super strong fiberglass
    2. Completely sealed from atmospheric conditions -- with the Power Bond moisture barrier
    3. Brute strength -- fiberglass delivers the durability, the wood provides the solid hit
    4. Super-slick pro tapered shaft -- treated to stay smooth without sanding. Dirt and chalk can be wiped away with a damp cloth.
    5. Professional features and performance at low cost - stainless steel joint, Le Pro tip, permatized grip.


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Older Cuetec Cue Model ID

  • Title: Older Cuetec Cue Model ID
  • Author: (Scott Yu)
  • Published: 8/24/2023 8:37:00 AM
  • Last Updated: 9/8/2023 7:04:19 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)