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English Ash Powerglide Phoenix Snooker Cue

English Ash Powerglide Phoenix Snooker Cue

please help me identify my father's snooker cue. He bought it roughly 10 years ago for around $1200. He said it's made of English Ash and is a professional standard cue.

I'm helping him sell it but I cant find anything on the internet similar... Please help with some more info so I can sell it.




English Ash Powerglide Phoenix Snooker Cue

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  1. user1528193900Chopdoc on 6/5/2018 5:53:34 PM

    First, throw away the sandpaper and abrasive pad. Don't let anybody that knows cues see that or they will believe the cue has been abused and it will diminish the value.

    I have studied Snooker cues an know some.

    Phoenix cues are still available, so I am not sure why you aren't finding anything.

    Their most expensive cues don't cost $1200. Their top cues are around $500 (hand spliced). Their lower end cues sell for around $150 (machine spliced).

    This cue does not have a medallion but has a screen printed logo, indicating it is likely one of their lower end cues.

    They are a respected maker, it is a good cue. Usually used prices are half of new I would think, unless something is particularly collectible.

    You can perhaps contact Craftsman Cues and they might give you more specific information on this cue.

    Snooker cues are typically ash and are not pruduced on lathed but are made traditionally by hand planing.

    You can find many in maple that were turned on lathes but they are not considered "proper" snooker cues.

  2. user1528193900user1601001570 on 9/24/2020 7:39:31 PM

    I have a great cue of yours but I lost the brass washer being a two piece cue.

    It was made for me when I lived in Tasmania in 1994. I waited for three months to get the cue.

    I love it and swear by the quality of the cue. I've played in competitions with it.

    How do I get parts for it? Can you please let me know? I was going to buy a lathe just to make one.

  3. user1528193900billiardsforum on 9/30/2020 3:13:42 AM

    @user1601001570 - Can you share photos of your cue?

    I'm assuming your cue is a Phoenix cue since you replied to this topic, so as @Chopdoc mentioned in his answer above, you might get somewhere if you try contacting Craftsman Cues (craftsmancues.com) to ask about replacement parts.

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English Ash Powerglide Phoenix Snooker Cue

  • Title: English Ash Powerglide Phoenix Snooker Cue
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  • Published: 6/5/2018 6:18:21 AM
  • Last Updated: 6/5/2018 7:59:20 PM
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