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Value and ID of Wizard and Dragon Cues

Value and ID of Wizard and Dragon Cues

Can someone help me ID and value these two cues? One is supposed to be a breaking cue, the other a shooting cue. One is from the 1980s and the other, newer, but it is unknown for sure how old. They both appear to be straight (have a picture of the other laying down as well).

Also, do you have any idea of a baseline value for the cues? What would be a fair price to offer someone for both? I am unable to see them in person and I would have to pay shipping of $16-$20. The sale includes a case - shown is a soft case, but the seller has offered a hard cue case (and I would ask for it).

Screenshot_20190925-092107_Mercari.jpg Screenshot_20190925-095021_Mercari.jpg

Screenshot_20190925-095036_Mercari.jpg Screenshot_20190925-095056_Mercari.jpg


Value and ID of Wizard and Dragon Cues

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  1. user1569423145Chopdoc on 9/25/2019 8:06:37 AM

    In order, left to right:

    • Adam Cue
    • Wizard Cue

    Someone likely used one as a break cue. I don't think it is a purpose built break cue. In fact I am darn sure it's not. A lot of times people using cheap cues would just find an even cheaper one to use as a break cue.

    They aren't worth much. Not sure what to tell you on that. To me they aren't really even worth the shipping. 40 bucks? Something like that? Someone might give $50 for the Adam cue, but it's a lower end Adam, and not worth the hundreds that their better cues are worth.

    You can try your luck on eBay and just see what bids you get.

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Value and ID of Wizard and Dragon Cues

  • Title: Value and ID of Wizard and Dragon Cues
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  • Published: 9/25/2019 7:52:26 AM
  • Last Updated: 9/25/2019 5:18:14 PM
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