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Pool Cue with "FCI"

Pool Cue with "FCI"

I am trying to identify this pool cue with FCI on the butt. Does anyone know the brand or manufacturer, and model?

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Pool Cue with "FCI"

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  1. user1551450206billiardsforum on 3/3/2019 5:32:17 AM

    It's a low-end import cue. It is a decal cue (e.g. the patterns in the butt sleeve aren't inlaid, but rather, affixed to the cue via a decal). Not worth much of anything.

    FCI could potentially be the brand from FCI Billiards in Nevada, Missouri. FCI is a billiard wholesale arm of Frank's Center, Inc. and they do sell cues with their own FCI brand.

    Might be worth reaching out to them and asking about it if you really want to find out.

  2. user1551450206user1551450206 on 3/3/2019 8:06:21 AM

    Thank you for the info. Very helpful

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Pool Cue with "FCI"

  • Title: Pool Cue with "FCI"
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  • Published: 3/1/2019 6:23:27 AM
  • Last Updated: 3/3/2019 4:56:42 AM
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