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Identify 2 Players Pool Cues and Value Them

Identify 2 Players Pool Cues and Value Them

I am trying to identify the models of these two Players brand pool cues.

One has the number 605 on the butt, and the other, 604.




Identify 2 Players Pool Cues and Value Them

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  1. metallianbilliardsforum on 8/16/2023 6:19:29 PM

    From left to right:

    1. Players G-2218 pool cue - retailed for around $105
    2. Players G-2204 pool cue - retailed for around $85

    Used, each would be worth around between $40 and $50, give or take assuming they have no structural or warping issues.

    They're both from the Players "Graphics" series (meaning the designs are achieved via a graphic instead of an inlay).

    The numbers are a date code representing the completion of production of the cue. The first digit is the year (within the 00's decade) and the second digit is the month number.

    • 605 - 5th month of 2006
    • 604 - 4th month of 2006

    Shown below are the two cues as shown in the Players 2010 pool cue catalog.

    players-g2218-pool-cue.jpg players-g2204-pool-cue.jpg

  2. metallianmetallian on 8/16/2023 6:23:00 PM

    Thanks, I picked them up in soft cases for $25 each, so I think I did OK.

  3. metallianbilliardsforum on 8/16/2023 6:39:56 PM

    Yeah, I would say you did well on that purchase! Cheers!

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Identify 2 Players Pool Cues and Value Them

  • Title: Identify 2 Players Pool Cues and Value Them
  • Author:
  • Published: 8/15/2023 1:32:14 PM
  • Last Updated: 8/16/2023 6:00:34 PM
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