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What Series is my Meucci Originals Cue From?

What Series is my Meucci Originals Cue From?

I was wondering if you could help me determine what type of pool cue my dad has.

He has tried doing some research, but has been unsuccessful determining which Meucci Originals series this cue is from.

He used to play pool regularly back in the 1970s and 1980s and actually won this Meucci Originals cue stick in a card game (sounds like a trade when the other opponent ran out of options!)

It does not have any visible dents or scratches. It is in excellent condition. The only flaw I see is located near the bumper and it seems to be a few white flecks on the top (not indented).

If this is something you are able to help him with, it would be greatly appreciated.






meucci1.jpg meucci4.jpg

What Series is my Meucci Originals Cue From?

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  1. Amy McNeilbilliardsforum on 1/24/2020 2:57:42 PM

    The cue is from the Meucci European series. It was (and still is) one of their "economy" cue lines with simpler, lower-cost cues.

    The series was introduced in the fall of 1989. Here is the announcement from Meucci in the September 1989 issue of Pool & Billiard Magazine:


    It reads:

    MEUCCI ORIGINALS, INC., Olive Branch, Mississippi, introduced their new "European" line of cues. Standard features include high quality maple with 5 optional stains, Irish linen wrap, and the Meucci Pro Tapered shaft.

    They were (and still are) quite popular due to their lower price point.

    Also see these previous questions about the same Meucci Originals European series cues:

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What Series is my Meucci Originals Cue From?

  • Title: What Series is my Meucci Originals Cue From?
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  • Published: 1/24/2020 9:42:28 AM
  • Last Updated: 1/24/2020 2:28:52 PM
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